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Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001

Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001. Modified Citroen Saxo VTR 2001
  • Modified Citroen Saxo VTR 2001

  • Eidorian
    Apr 25, 10:30 PM
    LOL. love all these posts.

    Can I start a post thats about how Im anxiously awaiting the END of all these "when is the new iMac coming out" threads?

    I really really want to get onto the next set of never ending threads that will go something like this:

    "should I get the 21" X.XX Ghz i5 or the 27" X.XX Ghz i3?"

    And then everyone will get to ask "what are you going to do with it?"
    and then all of the "I love the large 27" screen" and of course "I had to return the 27" screen it was too big!" And the "more cores is better" or the silly goofball with the "I think a larger Ghz number means its faster".

    and then we can move on to all of the "Is 4 gigs of ram enough or should I get more?" threads

    Oh, and lets not forget all of the "I wish it had a larger drive/better video/more SSD options/matte screen/full sized bluetooth keyboard/USB 3/eSATA/24" option!!" posts. Those are my favorite. Wishing, LOL. You get what you get and you dont throw a fit?

    please lets move on...I know exactly how you feel.

    Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001. Modified Citroen Saxo VTR 2001
  • Modified Citroen Saxo VTR 2001

  • irbdavid
    Jul 21, 11:20 AM
    If joe pc-user becomes joe mac-user, then macs wont be fun anymore :(

    That said, i'd like to see market share go up in certain areas. A lot more scientists are switching (mostly switching back, after ditching around late 90s) these days.

    It's hard to be an elitist mac user if you're no longer in the minority...

    Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001. Citroen Saxo VTR 2002 (Paul W)
  • Citroen Saxo VTR 2002 (Paul W)

  • Doctor Q
    Jul 24, 06:40 PM
    The only reason anyone would buy this thing is because of blind Apple brand loyalty.Not quite true. Some of us bought 'em for sensible reasons: Apple products are usually of good quality, and initial reviews of this mouse were very favorable. Only later did the many reports about sticking problems show up.

    Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001. citroen saxo vtr 2001 black
  • citroen saxo vtr 2001 black

  • marksman
    Apr 28, 05:41 PM
    If apple got their dual-band world phone out a year earlier, for all carriers, it would have made a huge difference!!!! I can't believe apple is delaying the iPhone 5!!!!!!!!!!

    I am not apple, so I am probably wrong, but delaying the IPhone 5 seems like the worst business decision ever!!!!!!!!!

    The iPhone 5 better be a major upgrade that makes it better than all the other devices out there, and better be on all carriers!!!!

    They have the number 1 and number 2 top selling smartphones out there.

    Bringing out the iPhone 5 now would be a mistake when you are sitting at the top of the heap with your current hardware.

    So you push it back a bit and make the devices even better, giving you an even bigger advantage in the next generation.

    Imagine the iPhone 4 sitting in the 3GS position a year from now. It will be amazing you can get a phone like that for the price it will be available for...

    The android handset makers don't jump up and down with glee because Android has more overall users. It is not good for any of them individually. In fact it is bad for them.

    Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001. Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001 Plate.
  • Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001 Plate.

  • takao
    Apr 23, 05:35 AM
    well there you have it apple: in this day and age sueing somebody over patents who has more than you might not always be the smartest idea

    fact is: between those big cooperations it has become usual practice to let a certain amount of patent abuse slide since it profits all sides if technology can be used by more, and it also helps adoptions rates (famous example: IBM and their countless PC hardware related patents)

    Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001. Citroen+saxo+vtr+2001
  • Citroen+saxo+vtr+2001

  • mattnotis
    Apr 30, 12:46 AM
    Torrents are free! :D

    Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001. Tuned Citroen Saxo VTR Limited
  • Tuned Citroen Saxo VTR Limited

  • smilechild
    Apr 23, 08:46 PM
    I've waited for this for so long, I hope the iPhone comes to T-mobile this year... it would be an answered prayer!!!

    Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001. Citroen-Citroen Saxo VTS 2001
  • Citroen-Citroen Saxo VTS 2001

  • jonnysods
    Mar 31, 10:46 AM
    That brown looks like little baby poop.

    It's an improvement in the UI though. iCal needed an update big time.

    Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001. CITROEN SAXO VTR, this is
  • CITROEN SAXO VTR, this is

  • SeaFox
    Jul 10, 04:57 PM
    Dammit. I misread this article title as "Page 3 features" as in the Page 3 of Macrumors we had for April Fools.


    Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001. 119.000 CZK 2001 Citroen Saxo
  • 119.000 CZK 2001 Citroen Saxo

  • skunk
    Apr 28, 02:34 PM
    There is no legal duty to assist, and laws requiring otherwise are unconstitutional and thus unenforceable.Is there no duty to report a crime?

    Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001. Modified Citroen Saxo VTR
  • Modified Citroen Saxo VTR

  • tjcampbell
    Jun 6, 08:59 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_1_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile/7E18 Safari/528.16)

    What's the big deal! Imagine if he downloaded the app, learned everything, passed the exam. Wonderboy Lawyer!!!!!!

    Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001. 2001 - Y Reg Citroen Saxo VTR
  • 2001 - Y Reg Citroen Saxo VTR

  • Surely
    Jan 31, 04:55 PM
    That just looks ... well not like something I'd stick in my coffee.

    What what....

    Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001. 2001 CITROEN Saxo VTS Citroen
  • 2001 CITROEN Saxo VTS Citroen

  • Avalontor
    Apr 28, 06:53 PM

    You want rip-off? Microsoft makes its billions charging hundreds for a 10-cent CD in a dollar's worth of packaging. So does Adobe. Where's your outrage?

    seriously? so does Apple, where's your outrage?
    how much is OSX again? maybe it would just be easier if you listed all the Apple software that is priced around $1.10

    Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001. The Citroen Saxo VTR is top
  • The Citroen Saxo VTR is top

  • Seo
    Apr 12, 09:10 AM
    Wow, we're all over the place aren't we. If we cover our bases we'll have to be right! :D

    Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001. Citroen Saxo VTR 2001 (CW
  • Citroen Saxo VTR 2001 (CW

  • nagromme
    Jun 6, 06:31 PM
    Good thing that Apple takes parental controls as seriously as they take porn in their Disney store... Oh, wait. They don't.

    Oh wait, they DO, and have for years:

    Problem solved. Apple DOES have this additional barrier that parents can use to stop accidental or unwanted purchases by children. In this case, the parents didn’t know about that option (they put in their credit card and gave their kid an Internet device without looking at Apple’s online materials enough to see that Parental Controls even existed). A simple mistake which I can understand them making—and one Apple did not make them pay for :)

    Those restrictions, if you choose to enable them, are locked by a 4-digit code (separate from your lock code).

    Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001. Used Citroen Saxo 1.6i VTR for
  • Used Citroen Saxo 1.6i VTR for

  • kernkraft
    Oct 26, 09:58 PM
    I want world peace and everybody in the world be safe, fed and loved.

    I'm only kidding. I want my well-deserved anal.

    Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001. Tuned Citroen Saxo Vtr 1.6 8v
  • Tuned Citroen Saxo Vtr 1.6 8v

  • ShiggyMiyamoto
    Nov 11, 09:17 AM
    The feature currently doesn't seem to exist (or may be hidden).

    In which version? For Win/Lin or the OS X beta?

    Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001. Citroen-Citroen Saxo VTS 1.4
  • Citroen-Citroen Saxo VTS 1.4

  • YoNeX
    Nov 6, 09:33 AM
    Just FYI.

    The "private" beta that's being circulated is a very old beta in the development stage. VMware has big plans, and is working closely with Apple to have a true Mac look and feel.

    Things VMware Final version will do:
    Be 100% Free
    Support Adjusting how many processors you use.
    64bit support and optimization
    Drag and drop into the VM window (just try dragging a file off your desktop into the VM now)

    ***And full support to use your bootcamp volume. So you don't have to have two disks anymore or one for Virtual Machine, and another for bootcamp with full video accelerations. You can just run your bootcamp volume right inside of VMware for those times when you don't want to reboot, and just need to do work. That way you only have one copy of windows on your machine! No VM needed!

    **Support for "Virtual Appliances" which VMware has a bunch of on their site. Thousands of companies make ready-made Virtual Machines, that you can download and run in VMware, such as a lamp server, special build of RedHat, or a Ubuntu for graphics, or a mail server, or anything you can imagine, there are over 100,000 Virtual Appliances available on the VMware site, and you can create your own "Virtual Appliance" and share it with your friends!

    I don't know about the free part though. If its just a player (like the current Beta), I can see that being free. But if they add all those extra features I don't see it being free at all. But then again, Macs aren't targeted towards the Corporations, so they might just make one version with a lot of features and not charge as much as VMware Workstation (for Windows).

    Yes, the current version is really buggy.

    Citroen Saxo Vtr 2001. Citroen Saxo 1.6 VTR 2001
  • Citroen Saxo 1.6 VTR 2001

  • Chip NoVaMac
    Apr 13, 11:07 PM
    Meh, my 3G S works fine for now.

    When Apple starts talking about the 64 GB (or better yet, 128 GB - though I'm not holding my breath) iPhone 5, then we'll talk.

    Besides, when my contract is up in July, iPhone 5 talks should hopefully be out. I can wait.

    White iPhone 5 64 GB LTE + white iPad 3 128 GB (Wi-Fi + LTE) - I can dream, can I not? :D

    For my significant other, the 3GS is what they chose as a Valentine's Day gift... just a little upset that they are Jonesing for an iPad 2 ATT 3G right now. AFTER I explained the tethering option for the iPhone 4. :( For them the 3GS is great - so far LOL

    They are now seeing that my advice for the iPhone 4 might have been a better choice; even if they stay with their MBA 11". Been together just under a year together; but it seems I am getting "tech points" on future tech gear purchases. :D

    Just as I am gaining "points" on their choices in "home purchases". :o

    Apr 8, 09:10 PM

    Rowbear: Wow! That must have been incredible to have been there! (

    Today's shot was taken from a boat underneath a bridge. I totally got lucky on this one. :rolleyes:

    jeevesofRKdia: I would say a shot like this takes more than just luck!

    Here's my luck shot for today:

    I was floating in water was somewhere between 3 and 4 feet deep when this stingray swam underneath me. Part of the luck was that we backed up the camera's every night. When this camera went AOL two days later, we still had our memories from this day. :)

    Olympus S1030SW (Waterproof! Forerunner of the Olympus Tough)
    ISO 80, 5mm, f/5, 1/640

    Nov 21, 08:29 AM
    that stats drop pissed me off, i hope those stats get reconciled at some point

    Can't find ant update ad to when they will reinstate them...

    yeah i know. i read that they would add them, but if they haven't by now, i don't think they will

    Jan 26, 01:42 AM
    Nasdaq is first and foremost an electronic stock trading medium, but also an index.

    Never knew that. Learned something today. :)

    Apr 28, 11:55 AM
    Anyone else find these stories on market share to be completely boring?!?

    Can MacRumors setup a Page 3 section to put these on and keep the interesting rumors on the first page (new Macs, new iOS, etc)?

    Until Apple announces they are stopping production of the iPhone due to low sales.....I don't care who sells the most. :rolleyes:

    Thank you! I was thinking the same thing here...

    Aug 15, 01:44 PM
    i like the new Preview look :)

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