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facebook mark zuckerberg girlfriend

facebook mark zuckerberg girlfriend. Mark Zuckerberg Facebook
  • Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

  • Jaffa Cake
    Oct 30, 02:37 PM
    He's a low-quality picture of our pumpkin, carved this very afternoon. His name is Fergus, and one day he will be our king. :)


    facebook mark zuckerberg girlfriend. Mark Zuckerberg#39;s Facebook
  • Mark Zuckerberg#39;s Facebook

  • madmaxmedia
    Nov 8, 02:32 PM
    And not only Excel, but to 100% guarantee things look the same, you need to use the PC version (if you're dealing with PC customers) and you need to make sure you use a font that they have, the same screen resolution they are running, etc.

    That's a good point. I have no problems myself, but it's not 'mission critical' stuff where I'm emailing reports to customers, etc. I have a Mac and my co-workers have PC's, and we have had no problems with inter-office compatibility.

    facebook mark zuckerberg girlfriend. Facebook#39;s Mark Zuckerberg
  • Facebook#39;s Mark Zuckerberg

  • fcortese
    Aug 22, 08:48 PM
    Can anyone say Florida and hanging chads?

    facebook mark zuckerberg girlfriend. Facebook is pushing users to
  • Facebook is pushing users to

  • Nereus
    Dec 16, 06:04 PM
    No problem, hopefully it's something simple.

    Have you deleted the preference file though? I'd do that first because it's a pretty harmless troubleshooting technique that is generally quite effective. :)

    Yeah I tried that, but nothing happened. Should I restart the computer after I deleted the preference file or should it work anyway?

    facebook mark zuckerberg girlfriend. Mark+zuckerberg+girlfriend
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  • Apple OC
    Apr 18, 07:24 PM
    looks nice ... I would photoshop out the roof on the left and some of the ferns on the right

    facebook mark zuckerberg girlfriend. Mark Zuckerberg with
  • Mark Zuckerberg with

  • bobber205
    Dec 5, 07:57 PM
    Clean design, would be even better if it wasn't a template. Not that there's anything wrong with those. :cool:

    facebook mark zuckerberg girlfriend. mark zuckerberg girlfriend
  • mark zuckerberg girlfriend

  • IJ Reilly
    Sep 29, 10:23 AM
    Export to Quicktime presentation, install Quicktime on PCs.

    edit: kayjprod beat me to it.

    No actually I did, several posts earlier. ;)

    Anyway, very good idea about the Keynote player for Windows. Listen up, Apple!

    facebook mark zuckerberg girlfriend. Mark Zuckerberg and his
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  • level1kid
    Apr 11, 11:46 PM
    added lens flare and text visibility (lol)

    didn't try very hard while selecting...

    facebook mark zuckerberg girlfriend. Facebook founder Mark
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  • ReverendCharm
    Mar 27, 09:37 PM
    I never moved any system files and never would. The only things i put, or tried to put, on the external was 1 sample library for elektrik piano and the saved songs in my garageband folder. thats it.

    I guess this drive is just either faulty or way too slow to meet my needs. I contacted the company about a refund/return ..we'll see

    facebook mark zuckerberg girlfriend. mark zuckerberg with
  • mark zuckerberg with

  • Shellyshell
    Apr 28, 09:40 PM
    second vote for fringe

    facebook mark zuckerberg girlfriend. Play time: Zuckerberg and his
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  • iMikeT
    May 5, 01:15 AM
    I'm not necessarily waiting for Lion to come pre-installed, just waiting to see what Apple announces at WWDC.

    And I'm not waiting for it to actually be installed in the iMac itself. I prefer the drop-in DVD.

    facebook mark zuckerberg girlfriend. Mark Zuckerberg And Girlfriend
  • Mark Zuckerberg And Girlfriend

  • Jax Mac
    Sep 22, 01:40 PM
    Hi all,

    Can anyone give me your personal thoughts on the 20" iMac? I'm currently using an old Powermac desktop (It's a 4 -1/2 year old, dual 1 Ghz Quicksilver). If the Intel switch wasn't around the corner, I'd have a new desktop already. My main work is in Photoshop, Illustrator, and occasionally some 3D programs.

    Anyway, I was thinking of getting a 20" iMac to hold the fort while I wait. Would I notice any bump in speed for graphics programs? (My desktop has been reliable but occasionally quirky). I'm also considering using the 20" iMac after it's out of date as a TV or as a display at exhibitions to show video or Flash movies of new products.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!

    facebook mark zuckerberg girlfriend. Mark Zuckerberg
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  • scem0
    Dec 22, 02:03 AM
    it was pretty cool but was most definitely not worth the hours and hours spent working on it.


    facebook mark zuckerberg girlfriend. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
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  • R94N
    Aug 18, 05:37 AM
    I have never, ever heard of anything like this happening on the Underground; but then again I'm only 14 so I haven't been around that long in the grand scheme of things :P

    No matter how slow it was rolling its still a big deal, even the slightest bump from another car can derail especially with the condition of the tracks on da tube

    Yeah, I suppose, but the actual tunnel has only just enough room for a train car, so it would be less of a deal. Could still damage the tunnel wall though I suppose. It is pretty bumpy on most of the tracks in the UK I think.

    facebook mark zuckerberg girlfriend. facebook mark zuckerberg
  • facebook mark zuckerberg

  • harpster
    Apr 1, 05:25 AM
    I mean when clicking on the input box instead of it focusing on the input box for text entry, it instead focuses on the submit button.

    While ie6 is not my target platform since the site worked so far without any alterations i don't mind supporting it.

    IE6 is not very forgiving. If it works in Firefox then you most likely have html error(s)... things like missing close brackets /> and table cell <td></td> can effect that in IE6 where other browsers assume it's there and will still work. Have you tried and html validator?

    facebook mark zuckerberg girlfriend. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 23, 11:02 AM
    Yes of course - but so what? We aren't islamophobic, are we?

    No, not a bit of it.

    We'll just give them the tools with which to defeat us.

    Silly season is in full swing.

    facebook mark zuckerberg girlfriend. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

  • skoker
    Dec 3, 11:11 AM
    No One?

    No offence, but this is MACRumors :D

    facebook mark zuckerberg girlfriend. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

  • Hberg
    Mar 12, 07:35 AM
    I definitely like purchasing from the Apple Store, but I didn't know what to expect with that line.

    It sounds like there are a number of happy people in getting what they wanted.


    facebook mark zuckerberg girlfriend. Facebook+mark+zuckerberg+
  • Facebook+mark+zuckerberg+

  • rgs3
    Apr 20, 09:36 AM
    The SL disc you have may not have the version of OS X needed for your MBA. MBA shipped after SL was released this e.g. 10.6.0 may not work. Call Apple and ask them to send you a replacement installation media, it shouldn't cost more than 20$ or so.


    Can anyone confirm what disk or version of SL I need to do a clean install? This shouldnt be this hard to find out, I cant be the only one wanting to do a clean install of OS X without the USB thingy.

    Apr 30, 02:41 AM
    Your baseband is not an exclusive version :/ It is in the family of sad un-unlockable children. Your brothers and sisters are 02.10 and 04.10. The golden child is 01.59.

    Haha sorry, it's late t__t but yeah, unless they are magically able to unlock only 03.10, I don't see retaining the bb as any real value.

    So the real question is, how big is the chance that a potential new unlock will only unlock 03.10 (and 02.10, which is what I am at)?

    I'm kind of debating just updating to 4.3.2 (4.3.1 now) without baseband preservation and then hope a new unlock will unlock everything up until then. It's kind of a pain to update to a new version with baseband preservation, having to completely restore and resync everything...

    Apr 8, 11:55 AM
    Before someone yells at me :) I have searched and searched for a thread.

    I'm seriously considering an iPad 2 and am leaning towards the 3G as I'd like access anywhere. Trade off of course is that it costs more.

    I have an iPhone 4 with the Hotspot feature. Can I use this as an internet connection for the iPad where wifi is not available?


    Aug 6, 02:20 PM
    It actually took me a minute to see the mac, I thought it was just bedsheets :p

    If it's a Core Duo she's not just keeping warm, she's burning her extremities :eek:

    Apr 5, 05:06 PM
    so I got my gear in today. The purpose for me is to be able to do interviews with minimal gear. All in all, it cost me $50 canadian.

    I dont know how to post photos or else i would post how it looks.
    It will serve my purpose for interviews.

    Here is the list of the gear.

    here is the cord extension for the mic:

    here is the mic:

    here is the case and wide angle lens:

    the tripod or handle to hold the phone:

    Apr 22, 03:43 PM
    Given that you already know PHP and javascript, you just need help with the Python syntax. I looked up removing duplicate lines in a file on google:

    I got this hit:

    Or this:

    Try that and start building up your scripts from there.

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