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  • SnoFlo
    Mar 31, 12:05 PM
    Oh Apple Mail has a To Do list. And Notes. But the Calendar is a separate app, as is the Address Book. So why not also have a separate To Do and Notes application? Oh, because they're stored as special formatted email messages in Mail.app, that's why. So how about integrating Calendar and Address Book better in Mail. It's a mess.

    You read my mind.

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  • 3goldens
    Oct 1, 02:07 PM
    Stay with Verizon and get yourself an Itouch ipod!


    I'm thinking of switching from Verizon to AT&T to get the iPhone. However, I'm hearing horror stories of up to 30% dropped calls in the NY area.

    For all iPhone/AT&T users in northern NJ and NYC area, can you verify that you experience around 30% of dropped calls?? is this true??


    I want the iPhone, but not if it comes with such bad service!!

    Thank you,


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  • MacRuler
    Apr 15, 07:11 AM
    as will most.

    this white phone delay seems rather odd.

    hopefully those who wanted the color will now finally be able to get one.

    you guys do realize that with this product release the wait for the iphone 5 will be a long time from now? people that do have iphones or smartphones can wait. but people with phones that can only make calls and texts and batterys that last for 3 hours. will deffiantly jump on this iphone due to the fact it is "new" i for one will be buying this on verizon on a upgrade plan the day it comes out.

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  • mojohanna
    Oct 18, 06:28 PM
    Having looked at the numbers in more detail it is interesting that compared to the year ago quarter desktop sales are relatively static and pretty much all the growth in mac shipments is in the portable lines. Good to see Apple add 1bn to revenue anyhow.
    Due to late intro of the mac Pro. I would bet that desktops will increase in sales for Q1

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  • louis Fashion
    Apr 13, 08:14 PM
    one call makes you taller
    one call makes you small
    But the phone that mother gives you
    won't do anything at all

    just go ask ATT when it drops your calllll

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  • electronique
    Oct 28, 01:20 PM
    The wife will be getting me
    and this

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  • MorphingDragon
    Jun 16, 08:47 PM
    Am amused, :rolleyes:

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  • paulg
    Apr 11, 03:38 AM

    demeter greek god. Demeter Terracotte, 3rd-2nd century BC Museo Nazionale delle Terme, Rome
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  • Surely
    Jan 28, 12:55 PM
    Drink lots and lots of water

    I already do.... it's my beverage of choice throughout the day.:)

    I'm only adding 5 g of creatine (1 teaspoon) to the drink.....

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  • jephrey
    Jul 24, 03:12 PM
    YES! Now I can trade in my Microshaft Bluetooth mouse for this one! I've waned a mighty mouse for a while, but didn't want to give up bluetooth (even though I'm never really a distance away that a cord wouldn't reach).



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  • imahawki
    May 2, 09:54 AM
    it will most likely be tomorrow if as has been pointed out tonight is visual night, the online store will update sometime around 1pm UK time I imagine but the store should be down before then.

    Of course if tonight is really visual night and u live close enough to an apple store make sure pop in at 9:30am your time and tell us all if anything has changed :)

    What time do they usually do things? The Apple store is on my way to work. Will they do it tonight or like 4am tomorrow?

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 13, 09:09 PM
    I would love to see those prices!........not really tho

    They'll buy the panel from Samsung, charge double the price of everything else on the market and the sheep will be lined up for days to buy one. It will be a huge hit and Sony and Samsung will go out of business.

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  • Brinkman
    Oct 21, 03:22 PM
    15" MacBook Pro with matted screen.

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  • Cougarcat
    Mar 31, 01:04 PM
    I guess now that Macs are only 20% of revenue, we're getting the "B-team" developers and designers.

    Bad interfaces based on silly metaphors isn't a new phenomenon at Apple. May I remind you of this abomination?


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  • alent1234
    Oct 6, 01:30 PM
    Not that anyone is reading this thread still, but just in case some of you are:

    If you are missing incoming texts, calls, and/or voicemails, when you're in a covered area, this MAY NOT BE A NETWORK PROBLEM.

    I had a Blackberry that had all these problems two years ago, and I eventually mentioned it to a savvy AT&T rep. He got me a replacement SIM card and all the problems went away as if by magic.

    Also, just another anecdotal experience: I live in San Francisco and spend most of my time here, and I haven't had a dropped call since I got my iPhone a few months ago. However, I have run into numerous situations where the data connection stopped working. In fact, to give an idea of the magnitude of the problem: I walk to work. I like to listen to a streaming internet radio station, one which tacks a ten second ad to the beginning every time you start the stream but otherwise does not have any ads. The last time I tried to listen to it while walking home from work, I literally heard the ad for more total time than I heard the station. Which is to say, the stream very rarely worked for more than twenty seconds at a time.


    i bet AT&T considers voice more critical than data and gives it higher priority on their circuits that connect the towers to their network

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  • YoNeX
    Nov 4, 11:07 AM
    I'm on a PPC but plan to go MacTel next year when Adobe releases Universal versions of Creative Suite. I have some questions about VMware & Parallels if you don't mind me adding it to the thread:

    1. Do they require Windows partitions, and if so how much disk space is needed?

    2. If a partition is needed, can you run the partition on an external drive so as to free up space on your internal? (I'll be using a MacBook Pro so that's why I ask).

    3. Can anyone tell me anything about syncing a Palm device with Parallels or VMware? In particular I'm wondering how easily (if at all) I could sync my Treo with Windows apps as well as OS X apps. This would be huge to me.


    1. Currently VMware fusion only allows you to do to create a VMware image. This acts as like a virtual hard drive, so you would then have to partition accordingly. There is a network install, but VMware has not enabled the feature (to my knowledge).

    2. See above

    3. You should be able to sync with it, because like Parallels and VMware it allows you to connect it to the XP just by checking a tab to tell it to connect to it. So no issues here.

    The main feature it is lacking for me right now is the shared folder. This would be very uself for some of the stuff that I would be doing.

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  • nefan65
    Apr 15, 02:00 PM
    976.6 MB wtf
    Apple: Learn from Google http://dev.chromium.org/developers/design-documents/software-updates-courgette

    Learn from Google? What has Google developed that's anything close to an OS? And no, Chrome OS doesn't count...it's a giant web browser, with Cloud Apps...

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  • ender78
    Oct 18, 05:13 PM
    I'm thinking the same thing. Can anyone find the appropriate quote from, say, last year's MWSF? I know i've been waiting since then for the exciting new products he promised: intel conversions don't count, nor do new casings and better batteries for iPods. The MacBook counts as a new product and the sales achieved by it could put it into the exciting category. iTV may fit but it's not coming out til next year. So what did Steve promise for 06? And what fits that bill?

    We'll lets see, we're looking at significant performance upgrades for the same $$$ as well as a successful transition [lets give Apple credit where credit it due]. Apple may have added about a million new Mac users this quarter [that is a significant number]. I have friends who would NEVER has considered Macs in the past coming to me for advice on their next purchase.

    The iTV, and especially the iPhone could be breakout products. I am anxiously anticipating both.

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  • ptysell
    Apr 28, 04:07 PM
    I love how so many fanboys love it when Apple makes money from expensive products. When your company rips you off you don't turn around and say good job keep it up. Why do you get mad a gas companies for charging you to much but not Apple.

    Where did I say that I am upset with the oil industry?

    Dec 29, 01:00 PM
    Seriously, no one is questioning this? I don't care how big this woman is, no one can eat 90 pounds of food plus 2 hams and 5 loaves of bread.

    Oct 24, 09:10 AM
    Shipped By
    Oct 30, 2006

    Delivered By
    Nov 1, 2006

    MBPRO 15/2.16 CTO


    Apr 28, 07:48 PM
    Lord let me find my box and pack it back up for a return. You have to be *****ting me, yall get worked up over a mm? Next thing someone will be measuring the mesh that covers the speakers to see if there are any differences....get a job.

    Jul 25, 03:55 PM
    Can't imagine any app worth a grand.

    May 3, 07:43 AM
    Does anyone know how these iMacs will perform with StarCraft 2? I have no experience with these GPUs.

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