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  • kgtenacious
    Apr 26, 08:24 PM
    smug free screen? Apple will never eliminate smugness in its products!.


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  • speedy815
    Apr 15, 09:18 AM
    Hopefully this may help other users with battery drain.

    Turn off ping (found under Settings, General, Restrictions). Also, turn off location services and notifications.

    OK, it's not ideal but I got 31 minutes out of my iPhone (4) before the battery went for to 99%.

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  • Bear
    Jul 24, 08:51 PM
    If the button mechanism of the BT Mighty Mouse is identical to the original Mighty Mouse, I for one will not be getting it.

    Since my most recent Mac purchase came with a Mighty Mouse, I tried it - it sucked. To right click, you needed to have your finger off the left button long enough for the sensor under it to register you've removed your finger - even if you weren't pressing down.

    If I was writing a reviw of the original Might Mouse, this is the headline I'd use:

    Apple's [Not So] Mighty Mouse - The Mighty [Sucky] Mouse
    This mighty mouse won't save anyone's day...

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  • jbh001
    Oct 23, 12:41 PM
    But to answer your question, even if there were a legal restriction, there is definitely not any technical restriction that would prevent it from being installed in a VM anywhere.

    What about Vista Authorization/Activation/Validation (whatever it's called).

    You know, its the internet/telephone grovelling-for-permission-to-use-the-software part that comes after you've paid the latest installment of the Bill Gates friendship dues ... uh, I mean: purchased the new product.

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  • mattcube64
    Jan 29, 12:44 AM

    I *just* opened this a few minutes ago. My girlfriend got it for me for my birthday. I absolutely love it... wanted one for a while. :)

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  • alent1234
    Apr 13, 01:57 PM
    they probably had it in the labs, but the pricing finally came down this year. 3D is a dud and internet enabled TV's dropped in price by 50% in some cases since last summer

    if apple doesn't get into this market then itunes is going to be dead in a few years along with other idevices

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  • bradl
    May 2, 01:41 AM
    All I have to say that hasn't been said yet is...

    .. not bad for someone whom his detractors stated he was unqualified to be POTUS because of lack of military experience..

    Funny that it took a small dagger strike at the heart instead of Bush's running in with guns blazing, shooting first and asking questions later. If someone would have thought of that 8 years ago, this would have been a done deal.

    Obama is definitely getting another 4 years out of this.


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  • dmr727
    Jan 30, 12:43 PM
    Jon Cryer has to be the most unhappy guy in the world right now.

    Poor Duckie. I hope he socked a bunch of money away.

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Oct 3, 01:41 AM
    Do some research on what tall buildings do to cell towers/signal and the ability for your phone to handle constant hand-offs between thousands of towers. Trust me, sky scrapers make it impossible for Verizons, T-mobile, or any other carriers service to be much better than the rest. The other carriers are just better about hiding their shortcomings from the public.

    HORSE *****!

    No he is right. They all struggle with sky scrapers. Verizon happens to use a stronger signal than AT&T so it cuts threw building a little better but on top of that Verizon does not have to deal with towers being over loaded by iPhone users.
    Most of the drop calls happen during tower hand offs and if the tower you need to be handed off to is max out well your call gets dropped.

    Now if you want example of Verizon problems I was getting dropped calls all the time for months a few years ago with verizon and dump them for sprint.

    As for example of building problems on another carrier sprint I could give you a this strip on campus about 50'x50' that as soon as you walked into it your call would drop. Same area multiple sprint phones multiple calls. Just a random dead zone on campus for sprint. AT&T had at least one spot on campus that was almost the exact same way. Skyscrappers make it insane for all carriers to deal with and on top of that you have tons of tower hand offs.

    good morning quotes for friends. good morning quotes for friends. The eternal quest of the individual human being is to shatter his loneliness. ~Norman Cousins
  • good morning quotes for friends. The eternal quest of the individual human being is to shatter his loneliness. ~Norman Cousins

  • Eidorian
    May 2, 09:58 PM
    I hope everyone is signed up for the Apple Store is down e-mail. :p

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 12, 06:57 AM
    TB was envisioned by Apple and then handed off to Intel for development and implementation.

    Citation needed.

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  • Longey Nowze
    Jun 6, 11:04 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_1_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile/7E18 Safari/528.16)

    I don't get what is the fuss about - many times I wasn't happy with purchased app, album, or downloaded something by mistake - and never had problems getting refunds from apple...

    How do you request a refund? Who do you contact?

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  • Doctor Q
    Jul 24, 03:28 PM
    My (wired) Mighty Mouse has been a mixed blessing. I really like the scroll ball when it's not sticking, and I miss that feature when I'm using my otherwise great Macally iOptinet mouse. But when the Mighty Mouse sticks, which it does occasionally, it's definitely a lot less Mighty.

    I wouldn't buy another one unless Apple claimed changes had been made to address this.

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  • Moyank24
    Apr 27, 04:07 PM
    I was going to vote for Nies, but I'm pretty sure he's not a WW, so I'm going for -aggie-. It appears everyone else is smelling blood in the water and jumping into the feeding frenzy. I'll just keep my insights to myself for spite then.

    Very odd not to vote for the next highest vote getter to save yourself. Even if he is a fellow wolf.

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  • ThunderSkunk
    Apr 22, 05:41 PM
    Yea that'd be real cool if it were possible, but eh... anyone who's paid any attention to how much work they said they had to do to squeeze everything into the iphone4, while maximizing the internal space to do it... they'd have to make the entire phone as a single Integrated Circuit and fill the rest of that space with battery. At that point, I can't imagine why they'd bother with black bars on top & bottom, & not just put the cam below a 50% reflective spot the display, the speaker out a small forward facing slot in the aluminum, and have the entire surface of the phone be display. ...which will probably happen eventually, though seems a long way off.

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  • Thunderhawks
    Apr 13, 02:20 PM
    This is a false rumor. Absolutely no way will this happen.

    First of all Google failed with their TV.

    Second of all, it is much better to have the components separate. You can more easily pass the audio to a home entertainment system for surround sound. With a component built into the TV, you have cables going back in the other direction to the receiver. If audio and video both take the same path there is less change of them getting out of sync.

    And, let's not forget that Apple tries to appease DRM owners.

    So, you most likely couldn't play anything you don't own outright on such a TV.

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  • darkplanets
    Mar 4, 10:06 AM
    So physiological and psychological dependence don't exist then, it's all just a matter of willpower and choice?

    They undoubtedly exist, as they're based on biochemical pathways. You can't necessarily change that, at least easily. I don't think that's the point hes trying to make, however, as he does have a point in the willpower effect-- it's basically the same as the placebo effect; your belief in something can have a positive chemical effect upon your bodies pathways. In the case of drug users, this can be seen in the "bottoming out" effect-- the addiction pathway doesn't suddenly flip, in fact in almost all cases it always remains permanently on, rather it's the person and their willpower who decides that they've had enough.

    The human mind is an amazing thing, especially in its ability to either alter or deal with modified pathways caused by external stress factors.

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  • gri
    Jun 17, 02:12 PM
    Your sarcasm is inappropriate. This poster has a right to her/his opinion. There are plenty of folks that think that kids are a bad idea, especially in their case. I'm proud of the fact I don't have kids: I'd beat them just like Joan Crawford did in Mommy Dearest. :mad:

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  • rusty2192
    Apr 14, 10:00 PM (
    IMG_3839 ( by Rusty2192 (, on Flickr

    Apr 29, 02:48 PM
    Personally, I dislike the idea of buying market share by taking a loss, which has long been Amazon's strategy. Nor do I like MP3s, in general, versus AAC. iTunes will continue to have higher sound quality...

    Apr 22, 07:52 PM
    Meh. It's an Apple. Really getting bored of the Apple look and iOS. To me they just look really cheap now. Already made my decision to get the Galaxy S2. Sorry but if Apple sticks with the 3.7inch screen, they're only gonna fall further back. Let's be honest, the iPhone isn't that great as a phone. It never was. Transmission, reception, and voice quality are poor to average. There's a reason why the iPhone 5 is being delayed. Apple took one look at the current competition and went back to the drawing bored. And that's fine. Any good company should do just that. I've never been a full on blind fanboy, hence my move to the GS2. At the same time, I don't want Apple turning into the next RIM. :o

    I love tech that's on the bleeding edge. Right now for me, that's hardware. The tangible undisputed specs. And Samsung's high end GS2 oozes bleeding edge tech. The camera and 1080P video is ridiculously amazing. I'm not the emotional type that gets all caught up with the brainless "it just works" crowd. You know what?, they all "just work." If you don't know how to adapt to any OS, then maybe you just shouldn't even use any device at all. Seriously, they're all easy to use and get used to. Don't get me wrong, Apple to me is still a great brand, but for me the honeymoon is over so to speak.

    Glad apple doesn't design for you and the .5% of the market that is that in need of daily change for change's sake.

    Apr 28, 05:10 PM
    Apple actually NEVER tells case manufacturers when there's going to be updated/changed specifications, so case manufacturers never know. Case in point...the Verizon iPhone and it's change. Not one case manufacturer knew before hand. And the manufacturers that this hurts the most are the smaller, more custom/high end case manufacturers, like all of the CNC guys. Just creates more setup for them, and a headache to run pieces at yet another dimension. I have quite a few friends in this line of work, and I know how they hated the unannounced change in specs to the Verizon model.

    So what are the stories on this site about cases for upcoming products? Are manufacturers gambling on leaked information? I'm just asking; not being sarcastic.

    In this case I think Apple would as they provided bumpers themselves for the antenna issue. I believe they would want properly fitting bumpers for this version.

    Anyway I think the size is still the same. The current cases should go on like white on rice.

    Apr 13, 09:50 PM
    Meh. Too late.

    right on...why don't they just call this iPhone 5 and release it at WWDC. Still looks best in black

    Apr 24, 07:26 PM
    And how about if she still has men's parts down there? Where does she belong then?

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