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jonathan rhys meyers girlfriend

jonathan rhys meyers girlfriend. Love interest: Rhys Meyers
  • Love interest: Rhys Meyers

  • hulugu
    May 2, 02:33 AM
    ...I'm ultimately rather ambivalent about the affair. Killing a bad man neither undoes what he as done, nor justifies everything we've done over the last decade of pursuing him and his organization. Politicians and partisans will bicker and squabble over who gets the credit, but there really is less credit to go around than the media would have us believe. We'll all wake up tomorrow with the same problems we had before bin Laden died.

    Surely every thoughtful person has mixed feelings when reflecting on the events of the last ten years? Let's not get carried away.

    This. I'm a little worried that those chanting USA, USA don't realize how much finally killing Bin Laden has cost us and how dangerous the blowback could be.

    Afghanistan will remain a determined mess, while Pakistan teeters. Thousands are dead, thousands more see the US as the power behind the buzzsaw death of wedding parties. We have not won.

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  • MacNut
    May 1, 11:57 PM
    Source? Methinks projection is at play here.A source? I'm sure we will find out all of the top secret information in a few minutes.

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  • Chas2010
    Apr 14, 07:01 PM
    Oh great. I'm going to have to tie up my Internet connection for a long period of time to update my 4G iPod touch and iPad 2 for the 4.3.2 update. :rolleyes:

    I REALLY hope that Apple does incremental updates of iOS starting with iOS 5.0 to save us from tying up the broadband connection for such a long period of time.

    Wow. If a little 700MB download ties up your internet, I think you need a new internet.

    jonathan rhys meyers girlfriend. jonathan rhys meyers august
  • jonathan rhys meyers august

  • PBF
    Apr 24, 02:44 PM
    Heres another image with the new proximity sensor. Hmm..
    Image (http://pocketnow.com/html/portal/news/0000016260//iphone-4-t-mobile.jpg)
    You can't even see it. LOL

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  • WhiteShadow
    Aug 15, 10:16 PM
    top secret can also mean surprise. they didn't show us all the things they mentioned are improved.

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  • azentropy
    Apr 25, 11:34 AM
    Do you guys think there will there be another refresh with Lion pre-loaded this summer? Im looking to purchase my first mac but wanted to wait until Lion drops.

    No. It will just start shipping with Lion.

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  • Liquorpuki
    Feb 25, 04:13 PM
    And the train wreck continues....


    Dude that's hilarious. Here's the difference between Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen. When Mel Gibson has a meltdown, he turns into a racist a-hole. When Charlie Sheen has a meltdown, he sounds like he just high.

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  • SciFrog
    Oct 27, 10:08 AM
    At 43 mins you get a 100% bonus, 17k PPD...

    jonathan rhys meyers girlfriend. Actor Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
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  • dubels
    Nov 1, 03:40 PM
    Tickets to watch these guys play at home:

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  • lbro
    Apr 22, 07:21 PM
    The posts start at 0, not one.
    Did you thumb them back up, or were you under a misconception?

    Somebody must have thumbed them back up. They were all at -1 except the one from aggie.

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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 12, 09:30 AM
    Oh I forgot...yes...the "Specs" argument. My bad. AND the Closed vs. Open debate. Yes...that too. It's so open that I can't upgrade to the latest Android version, because it's not available for carrier XYZ. But that's not Android's fault, or the Phone's fault. You can root it though. That's awesome...root it, then download the newest launcher, then reset it, and do this, and do that. Then when that's all done, it's no better than it was when I started. But hey, my icons are Green! Cool...

    Also, Apple is Evil and you are living in Steve Job's RTF.

    and... and... 4G.

    and... widgets.

    jonathan rhys meyers girlfriend. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers

  • lordonuthin
    Oct 28, 12:45 AM
    sounds good! you'll really stack up on points then! what kind of motherboard do you have with the 920?

    also, how are your amd machines doing?

    1/Athlon X2 4400+ ~20 min/frame/normal wu on XFX GeForce 8200 board
    2/Athlon X2 4400+ ~20 min/frame/normal wu on XFX GeForce 8200
    3/Athlon X2 4400+ ~20 min/frame/normal wu on XFX GeForce 8200
    4/Athlon X2 4400+ ~20 min/frame/normal wu on XFX GeForce 8200
    5/Phenom X4 9600 ~12 min/frame/normal wu on Gigabyte MA78GM-S2H
    6/Phenom II X4 965 black ~5-6 min/frame/normal wu on Asus M4479T Deluxe

    7/MSI X58 Pro w/ i7 920 ~3-4 min/frame/normal wu
    8/'09 Mac Pro 2x Xeon 5550 26 min 40 sec /frame/bigadv wu

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  • macmax
    Jul 21, 08:01 PM
    Watch the BUNNY :confused:

    What a PERFECT name for MS ...

    ... ZUNE ...

    ... much later then SUNE !!!

    ��� WoW !!!

    Nothing looks more similar to a TOILET :eek: I think I will FLUSH ...


    never seen something so Ugly!!!!!!!!!!Yikes!!!!!

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  • nxent
    Jul 11, 02:43 PM
    This is scary. While I have no doubts Apple's ability to "get it" will make Microsoft's offering pale by comparison, Microsoft might be able to more than make up for it through marketing and their dominant position in the computer and home gaming market. Then, as in the past, their monopolistic practices will slowly edge out Apple.

    And I guarantee you that Microsoft will be much more willing to "play ball" with the movie studios to get the best/preferred deals in offering downloadable movies.

    not so fast. remember 'origami'. "who?" "what??" yeh, exactly. msoft's tablet PC that generated a lot of buzz before it's launch. and when it launched, it promptly flopped, hence the hollow response when it's name is shouted. i agree that an xbox branded device will have to compete with both psp and ipod, and even nintendo's ds; and hence i don't think apple's in any real danger. nevertheless, it is 'bout that time they release another major ipod revision.

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  • Schnebar
    Apr 1, 07:57 AM
    Took this over Spring Break in Delphi, Greece

    jonathan rhys meyers girlfriend. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Did Not
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  • Mustafa Monde
    Dec 1, 04:25 PM
    iAdware is an ugly development to-be-sure, but not a big an scary one. As most Mac users know, proof of concept is not the same as actually having this kind of thing happen in the wild.

    Still, Apple should take this seriously and anticipate similar developments in the coming months. If something like this does take off, it'll likely be through spoofing type sites and so on. For now I'm not going to loose any sleep over this and trust that Apple, as it angles itself-towards dominance in the marketplace, won't make the same blunders MS did with their buggy OS.

    Apple knows that MS has them in their sights and any slip would be exploited. You can just see them shouting from the rooftops, "My Gawd, Apple has viruses, malware and adware!" as if that paralleled the umpteen thousands of virus developed to exploit their own sub-par software.

    I suspect it's being looked into now by Apple's security team with an update to emerge long before this pup is found in the wild.

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  • Eldiablojoe
    Apr 26, 05:16 PM
    I have no idea what happened except Plutonius got lynched and isn't a WW. Are Chrmjenkins and Appleguy 321/123 okay? Are they Specials? I can't tell if I'm on the Detention Level of a Star Destroyer or on the bridge of the Enterprise D. :confused::confused:

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  • with Jonathan Rhys Meyers

  • jav6454
    Apr 21, 09:51 AM
    Since -aggie- is playing, I'll also play.

    jonathan rhys meyers girlfriend. Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Sayfa
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  • peapody
    Sep 12, 09:39 PM
    It's a Strawberry Banana Smoothie. peapody gave me the idea after posting it in the last thread. I looked up its nutritional info, and I think it might be the healthiest thing on McDonalds' menu!

    What did you think surely? I looked up Jamba's strawberries wild nutritional value and it about equals the mdondalds one. That's not bad considering everything out of mcdonalds is scary high in calories.

    Thank you :)
    He is a Toy American Eskimo (Eskimo/German/Japanese Spitz).

    Sooo cute - how is the demeanor and personality? Good apartment dog?

    Sep 15, 07:19 PM
    OCZ Vertex 2E 60gb to replace the Momentus XT 500GB in my uMBP.

    It's an awesome SSD, currently reviewing it. But there is no way that very little space can replace my 500GB.

    Apr 22, 05:21 PM
    No "AT&T" !

    There's always hope!

    Apr 14, 07:33 AM
    Sorry, this is a dumb question.

    Whats a 16 GB AT&T iPhone cost without a 2 year plan?


    Google my friend... :cool:

    Apr 22, 10:40 AM
    So what is Apple waiting for with the iPhone 5?

    Apple is adrift in a sea of uncertainty and confusion.

    It was bound to happen, they've opened the door wide. The competition is rushing through.

    This movie is getting very interesting.

    Nov 26, 05:09 AM
    I'd say one of the biggest reasons why Apple won't let flash on iOS is simply because flash doesn't mix well with multi-touch.

    People are going to encounter lots of flash that doesn't work or doesn't work well, and it will cause potential security issues, crashing, etc., Apple doesn't want their named tarnished -- your typical user isn't really going to understand that flash is crashing, not the actual browser, so Apple gets the blame instead of Adobe.

    The fact is, flash is useful for somethings but is also being used for many things it shouldn't (or would be better suited for something else), flash is everywhere, and personally, I think it needs to die so we can start anew with HTML5 or another codec which fixes Flashes shortcomings.

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