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steyr aug a1

steyr aug a1. YouTube- Steyr Aug
  • YouTube- Steyr Aug

  • OdduWon
    Jul 21, 03:42 PM
    this microcrap "zuno" thing looks like it's made from cheap plastic, you know the kind that dell moniters use where the "silver" color wears off the buttons shockingly fast. also maybe they should redesign their media player software to look like they player design that they pick. that would help the integrated feel their shooting for.

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  • clone of the Steyr AUG A1

  • WestonHarvey1
    Apr 13, 03:39 PM
    I would hate this. TV technology is very taste specific, and Apple would have to get behind a single one. I like plasma, you may like LCD. Edge lit, back lit, 3D or no 3D? 3 color or 4 color elements?

    I think Apple TV is the right way to go. A simple box that converts any TV of your choice into whatever TV experience Apple has in mind.

    steyr aug a1. Steyr AUG A1(Military version)
  • Steyr AUG A1(Military version)

  • Ace134blue
    Apr 24, 03:03 PM
    So would i go to jail for beating up 3 black women? Witch i probably would have done if i were there.

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  • Same Steyr AUG A1 with M16/

  • Melrose
    Mar 9, 08:16 AM
    The man is trying so hard to be Lindsey Lohan..

    He's really whacked. Reminds me of the ending of Sunset Boulevard, with Gloria Swanson descending the stairs.. "Alright Mr Demille, I'm ready for my closeup!"

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  • MacRumors
    Jul 10, 09:48 AM (

    Alongside the introduction of 'Charts' (, ThinkSecret is reporting ( that Apple will be introducing a number of new features into the next version of Pages.

    Pages is Apple's word processing application which comes bundled in iWork ( Pages 3 is expected to debut in January 2007 with the release of iWork '07. New features include two new modes called "Word Processing" and "Layout" to better cater to different users needs.

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  • Steyr AUG!!

  • gpat
    Apr 24, 02:19 AM
    Just release a GSM/CDMA every-band iPhone 5, and sell it off contract as well. Virgin Mobile USA customers are going to orgasm for that.

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  • milo
    Jun 23, 04:16 PM
    Your sarcasm is inappropriate. This poster has a right to her/his opinion. There are plenty of folks that think that kids are a bad idea, especially in their case. I'm proud of the fact I don't have kids: I'd beat them just like Joan Crawford did in Mommy Dearest. :mad:

    You sound like a wonderful human being.

    I always love to bring that up at those Mcdonalds debates.

    Personal responsibility means making informed decisions, and you can't make an informed decision if the information isn't available. I think that restaurants like that should make nutritional info easily available. That, and quit advertising unhealthy food in ways that imply that it is healthy.

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  • ASG/JG AEG Steyr AUG A1,

  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 21, 10:58 PM
    Interesting that they avoided U.S. courts.

    Mannheim is very very fast venue - something like a year, maybe less. And the defendant can't argue the patent is invalid (they need to do that in a separate, slower action).

    The US courts are pro Apple.

    steyr aug a1. A 16quot; Steyr AUG A1.
  • A 16quot; Steyr AUG A1.

  • mccldwll
    Apr 28, 10:09 PM
    Uh the fact that if you have a cellphone unless you want to pay for something that doesn't do what you want it to do, you are going to pay for a plan regardless so one really should not factor that in to the cost of the device (as it is assumed you are going to want cellphone service if you have a cellphone. And what cellphone you get does not affect the cost of your service so the service cost is irrelevant).

    The point is it is silly to factor in a cost that you are going to pay no matter what phone you get as to the cost of the phone. The phone does not affect that cost and therefore it should not be factored in (the only way not to pay that cost is to buy a cellphone that doesn't do what it's suppose to since you have no service to use with it or to just not buy a cellphone).

    It's thinking like that which makes lotteries so successful for raising revenue in so many states. Total cost is always a factor, and total cost includes not only plan costs for two years, but it also includes the value of the respective phones at the end of the contract period. At a minimum, a 3GS is going to be worth $100 less than an iPhone 4 after 2 years. So, with a total expenditure in the $1500-$2000 range, you'll be lucky if you save $50 in the long run by going with the slower, lower resolution, older technology model. Hardly worth it.

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  • Classic Army Steyr AUG A1- 3

  • andiwm2003
    Jul 24, 03:21 PM
    I'll take two, please.

    why not four? one for each wheel;)

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  • #39;89 Steyr AUG A1 16quot; barrel

  • kalsta
    Apr 25, 11:26 AM
    Wake me when iMacs have matte screens again.

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  • AUG P – AUG A1 with

  • crees!
    Jul 25, 08:35 AM
    Wouldn't it be "non-touch?"

    None-touch doesn't sound right.. That's the Japanese/Chinese for you. Lost in translation.. how about just plain 'ol touchless :)

    steyr aug a1. Steyr AUG A1 Para 9mm
  • Steyr AUG A1 Para 9mm

  • WestonHarvey1
    Apr 22, 09:46 AM
    I still haven't seen the "killer app" that makes this higher mobile speed something I can't wait another year for. I know that's not the smartest way of looking at it - the higher speeds bring the innovations we haven't imagined yet. But I'm not seeing them on the Android platform, either.

    It seems to mostly benefit tethering - but tethering benefits other devices and not the mobile handled experience.

    Fast access to these new cloud music storage services is interesting, but the data caps practically kill their usefulness.

    steyr aug a1. JAC Steyr AUG A1 (Full Metal)
  • JAC Steyr AUG A1 (Full Metal)

  • Popeye206
    Apr 24, 03:26 PM
    Here? Never.

    Online surveys are worth the paper they are written on. The best data suggest that iPhone marketshare in the US is stagnant and Android based handsets are booming

    Yeah... and based on sales, not surveys, the iPhone sure is hurting now given it just had it's best sales quarter ever. :rolleyes:

    Win... why don't you get it? There is the iPhone and then there is everything else. Android is a good smart phone OS... IMO, the best alternative to the iPhone. But the reality is, people buy an iPhone because they want an iPhone. People buy an Android based phone because they want a phone and it's on sale this week.

    Android is not going to slaughter the iPhone. It's a huge market out there and there will always be multiple alternatives for the OS's. If anything, the companies with the most worries are RIM and Microsoft. They continue to loose market share like crazy to Apple and Android based phones.

    But please... If you want to fantasias about Android OS phones taking over the world, I'm sure there more people like you over on the Android forums that also have this twisted view. Besides, why does the iPhone worry you so much? It's great that it's there and it's great the Android is there too. The competition is making both solutions better.

    steyr aug a1. Steyr aug a1 jg- dove
  • Steyr aug a1 jg- dove

  • Paul Graham
    Jan 31, 03:52 PM
    Why have a Canon and a Nikon? Does that not mean you have to buy lenses for both?

    Why not?
    I have lenses for both, But I do have numerous adaptors that let me use my entire lens collection on all my cameras.
    So I do save money in that sense.

    Why do people have two or more computers, An xbox AND a ps3 etc etc etc.....

    both cameras have their pros and cons, And I utilize both for their pros!
    As I do with my film slr's.

    Plus... I also collect cameras, Hense why i have more than one film cam.

    steyr aug a1. Steyr AUG A1, standard issue
  • Steyr AUG A1, standard issue

  • lilmitchmitch
    Nov 24, 01:29 PM


    Great game!

    I'm hoping for...
    Donkey Kong Country Returns

    TUCH Satchel. I have the iPhone 4 case he makes and it's amazing.

    steyr aug a1. Steyr STEYR AUG A1 Excellent
  • Steyr STEYR AUG A1 Excellent

  • Reventon
    Sep 16, 05:02 PM
    Downloaded ***** My Dad Says from iBooks for my iPhone as well as ordered the Big Book of Top Gear 2011 from

    and I got an Incase Clear Case for my iPhone 4 from Apple (technically not a purchase)

    steyr aug a1. TM Steyr Aug (civilian i guess
  • TM Steyr Aug (civilian i guess

  • D 5
    Apr 26, 12:19 PM
    Why is Apple always trying to make money with all their products and services, what other company does this ;)

    Why can't all Apple products and services be free, I deserve it :D

    steyr aug a1. ASG/JG AEG Steyr AUG A1,
  • ASG/JG AEG Steyr AUG A1,

  • Swarmlord
    Oct 23, 12:39 PM
    while it would be nice to live in a world where everything Microsoft made could easily be avoided, its certainly not the best solution at all for some people and their jobs/careers/etc. If you need compatibility with Windows, then you need it to get things done. XP will be fine for the vast majority of people right now, but eventually people are going to want to upgrade to Vista for a variety of reasons, and knowing that you'll have to re-boot to run vista for the lower-level versions is an issue. Microsoft isn't the best company, but we live in a world where their products are used by so many people that it can't be avoided.

    I know that I can't entirely avoid Vista, but I won't load it on my Mac. I have to use and support it at work though and as far as home use goes, it will wait until MS requires it to get security updates.

    As for the previous post concerning backwards compatibility, I don't think that it's too much for Microsoft to test their browser on existing web pages that contain industry standard html, dtml, java, flash, etc. If Mozilla, Firefox, etc. launched a new version that crashed on web pages containing more than a couple jpgs and a paragraph tag, they'd be flayed and MS would be screaming the loudest.

    Apr 25, 09:47 PM
    I wonder if they will update the cinema displays at the same time to include thunderbolt ports.

    I love my 13" MBP but I would like an updated 27" cinema display, as would my eyes and back.

    Apr 22, 06:44 PM
    Who thumbed down every post on this page?
    Except one from aggie...

    The posts start at 0, not one.
    Did you thumb them back up, or were you under a misconception?

    Sep 30, 10:03 AM
    Um.... I am pretty sure that Apple gets a higher subsidy from having an exclusive carrier agreement, lowering the cost to their customers, yet still keeping margins on the device high.

    Someone to correct me if I am wrong.

    So you're saying that AT&T gives Apple money...but that does nothing for Apple's business?

    :rolleyes: Wow, both of you missed it entirely. My point is the same as yours.

    The poster I replied to suggested that Apple could have split their contract so that both AT&T and Verizon would have the iPhone (meaning better overall service today). But in the end, that would mean less profit for Apple.

    I was explaining that Apple would not have made an exclusive agreement had there been no extra money involved. That's my point.

    May 3, 07:44 AM
    UGH why can't there be a 128GB SSD+1TB 7200RPM, comon now.

    Oct 21, 08:00 AM
    Here in the Netherlands we have Sinterklaas, he comes to us first by steamship, and then on a white horse. It is that important that the TV shows him arriving direct, plus tens of thousands are on the quayside. I hope to be there this year in Harderwijk on the 13th November with my grand children.

    Gifts are given on the 5th December

    I forgot to say what I want the Sinterklaas to bring me, Well Hayden Panettiere baby oil and a large bed::p

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