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  • Small White Car
    Apr 26, 12:29 PM
    I'm sure some of that is going to the music companies.

    Take heart, though. This might not be bad news. What if we learn that this is a part of MobileMe and it's MobileMe that's changing to $20 per year?

    Impossible? I dunno, I think charing $99 per year to sync iPhone data wirelessly is impossible for Apple to maintain. This may be their chance to gracefully deflate that balloon.

    Is anyone on here going to delete all the music on their iPhone to be able to pay $20 per year to regain a subpar stream of there very own music? And at a detriment to their limited data amount? Am I missing something??

    Again, this may be wishful thinking, but I can imagine Apple strong-arming carriers into exempting this service from their data-cap-measuring systems. Apple sure would like that. Do they have the power to make it happen, though? Maybe.

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  • CalBoy
    Apr 14, 12:27 AM
    I wonder if anyone has been waiting on getting a iPhone 4 because white hasn't been released yet. Well 10 months later here you go.

    I originally waited for the white version (back when it was only delayed until "late summer".) but once September rolled around, I just decided to wait until the 5 came out. With the rumors of the 5 being delayed until fall, I might have to seriously consider some backup plans. I'd prefer to stick with an iPhone, but the 3GS is getting long in the tooth and I will not sign a contract for outdated hardware.

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  • !� V �!
    Apr 25, 04:03 PM
    mine completely chokes at 1080p unless im real lucky. Again 720p is usually okay, but if the processor is getting a workout, it can struggle.

    VLC playing mkv, mp4, avi files encoded 1080p. Only cpu struggle is when RWD and FF, otherwise flawless playback. Truly a great machine. :)

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  • randyharris
    Jul 10, 04:06 PM
    Toolbars and drop down menus are the things Microsoft have DROPPED from Office 2007.

    The pictures I've seen of Windows Office 2007 most certainly still has icon bars, it's just redesigned to be grouped more than a scatter approach.

    And just because MSFT is changing it, doesn't mean that it will be more efficient. (It may be, but I haven't tried it yet.) I have heard a few pundits harp on the new setup saying in efforts to make things more simple they dumbed it down too much for a power user.


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  • emotion
    Oct 24, 08:48 AM
    ### Alienware is still significantly better in terms of performance specs. For $2700, you can build an Alienware with RAID HDs, etc. Biggest question for me Apple still underclocking the GPU on the 15" model...??? To me, Apple's MBPs aren't as good as a value as their Mac Pro, but with this update, Apple's "in the ballpark"...and I would get the MBP over the Alienware...assuming Autodesk releases a UB of Maya soon. My two cents...

    Does it come with the trolley needed to carry it? We're talking notebooks here :)

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  • chris975d
    Apr 28, 04:45 PM
    So you've waited this long for the white iPhone 4, then you put it in the case!? ROFL!

    You do know there are clear cases used to protect the phone from scratches, right? And rigid "bumper" style cases that still show off the front and back. Not every case covers up the entire phone.

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  • MacNut
    Mar 3, 07:45 PM
    If you look at Charlie's character on the show and really every character he has ever played they all mirror his real life. He has made millions playing a party animal that sleeps around. No wonder he is so delusional now.

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  • nonameowns
    Apr 22, 08:06 PM
    that would be a cool phone to hold. :cool:

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  • kepardue
    Apr 26, 01:05 PM
    I'd pay the full MobileMe $99/year price if I could sync all of the DVD movies I ripped (which currently fill up the 2TB hard drive on my iMac) to use in this fashion.

    I'm suuuuuure Apple would allow that! :eek:

    EDITED to add: Yes, these are MY movies. Ripped them to stream to my AppleTV.

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  • Jason Beck
    Apr 12, 02:04 AM
    Currently on ebay as I'm about to part with it. :( What a beautiful lens.

    Camera Canon EOS REBEL T2i
    Exposure 0.02 sec (1/50)
    Aperture f/4.0
    Focal Length 27 mm
    ISO Speed 2000

    What lens?

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  • woocintosh
    Apr 22, 03:30 PM
    Image (
    yes it's obvious who stole.....

    F700, announced 2007 feb, released dec.
    iPhone, announced 2007 jan, released june.

    it's clear that the f700 is also a copycat....

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  • SciFrog
    Nov 2, 04:11 PM
    We might take team Lituania today ;)

    We got them!
    Well, we may pass each other back and forth a few times before we can really pull away...
    Next target: 2.3 weeks away! Keep Folding!

    And a little pat in the back as I just took the #8 spot on the team. Watch out this week #7! After it gets more tricky and WhiteRabbit is coming behind faaaaast...

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  • SciFrog
    Oct 21, 01:10 PM
    You just leave the computers on 24/7 just folding. Not everyone does though. Also trying to fold more might influence your farm or purchases. Also trying beta programs is a way to compete. Also being on a team gives you more satisfaction than just your personal crunching.

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  • fyrefly
    Apr 18, 01:19 PM
    The real question is - will the back lit keyboard be reintroduced? I sure hope so. Couldn't care less about gaming but I want to see what I type in a meeting room (and don't get started with the whole "learn to type" BS)...:rolleyes:

    +1 - If the next Rev puts the BL Keyboard back in, I'll be first in line.

    While these Sandy Bridge processors are considerably faster in lab benchmarks, they offer no discernible real-world improvement for most users. Having used a MacBook Pro with a C2D and then one of the new Sandy Bridge, I couldn't tell the difference.

    Depends on what you were doing. If you're just surfing and Youtube and Facebook, then of course the Core2Duo won't matter vs. the i5.

    But if you do anything CPU intensive... convert a FLV to an MP4 to use on your iPad, etc... the i6 will smoke the C2D.

    I am exactly one of those people. I wanted a light laptop that I could game on occasionally while on travel. There is ZERO chance I would have bought an apple if it wasn't for the Air's portability and gaming potential. Hopefully I'll get many years use out of my 13" Ultimate.. but if Apple cripples the Air from a GPU perspective, I'll go back to Windows in a heartbeat on my next laptop purchase.

    These are the comments I least understand.

    Apple has basically two choices:

    1. Update the MBA sometime in 2010 with SB LV/ULV chips. The CPU will boost, but the Graphics will take a hit.

    2. Leave the MBA as a C2D/320M machine for a total of ~18 months till the right Ivy Bridge chips come out. That IGP should be almost equal to the 320M, but I there'll be much better chips than the 320M in early 2012, so I bet all the people whining about the SB IGP will be saying the same stuff about the Ivy IGP.

    But let me get this straight: You own a MBA right now. It's got a 320m chip in it that gives you jollies and plays your games. So if Apple was to leave the MBA stagnant for a year and a half, and then update to Ivy Bridge, you'd be happy, etc... but if Apple updated to SB in the middle of that cycle, you'd be pissed, throw you current laptop in the garbage and get a Windows Lappy?

    I'm not super-keen on a SB MBA either (unless it has the aforementioned BL Keyboard), but here's a message to all the SB Haters: Apple releasing a SB update to spur Back to School or Holiday Sales in no way invalidates your current MBA. It's not like all the 2010-era MBAs will suddenly explode into a puff of smoke forcing you to use the SB IGP you seemingly hate so much. You can keep using the 320m until the Ivy Bridge MBA comes out in 2012.

    What about the heat? MBP are too hot and not in a nice way.

    The 2011 MBPs all added 10W to their TDP while keeping the same form factor. That's why there's heat issues across the board. The chips we're talking about in this thread are 17W chips - that's the same or less than the current TDP on the LV9400/9600+320M which should keep the heat issues at bay.

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  • rnelan7
    Jan 31, 11:13 PM
    I decided to treat myself to an early birthday present. Elgato EyeTV HD to watch tv on my iMac with dvr capabilities, I also picked up a 15 foot usb cable from Monoprice.

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  • BrianKonarsMac
    Apr 28, 08:56 PM
    the iPhone doesn't compete against Android. The iPhone competes against all of the handsets running Android. And it's killing them. The 3GS as the second best-selling handset? That's frankly embarrassing for Android.

    So tell me, in what world is having:
    1 - the most popular handset
    2 - the 2nd most popular handset
    3 - the most popular mobile OS
    4 - the most popular tablet
    getting "badly beaten"?

    That's a very nice spin you put on it there ;)

    You actually gave the exact reason why the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS sell more than any android phone. Android offers you so many more choices, that there is no way any single one of them would sell as many units as the two options you have for a phone with iOS.

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  • Chase R
    Dec 4, 02:35 AM
    Blah don't get an Evo, they suck all the fun out of downhill. Look into an Earthwing Belly Racer or a Comet VooDoo Doll

    Suck out all the fun! But I can see where your coming from. I've just always liked low-rider boards, though.

    here is my wish list:

    Why not .223?

    My choice for a 22LR would be the GSG-5. And for the AR platform... the DPMS LR-308 :cool: hell of a gun.

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  • TPALTony
    Apr 13, 02:31 PM
    Apple would be out of their mind to enter this market...

    They have a low cost device that can hook up with any TV in the market today... So why would they ask consumers to choose their ENTIRE TV set-up to get at "that on steroids." That gets them into a crappy margin business (they have 60%+ margins on their blend of products, TVs are about 5%...)

    Far more likely is an "Apple TV on steroids" which we all know is possible with an A5 chip, apps, etc etc....

    Look for that offering... Not a TV....

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  • IJ Reilly
    Jul 10, 12:33 PM
    Not for what I'm doing. Pages strikes me as something for newsletters, not writing well-researched articles and novels.

    Maybe that's the way it strikes you, but this isn't the way it strikes those of us who've been using Pages since it came out.

    But all of my work is poorly-researched, so maybe that's why I like it.


    May 4, 12:41 AM
    Probably trying to sync up AT&T and VZN.

    NYC Russ
    May 3, 08:51 AM
    And yet prices in the Australian Apple Store are still 25% higher than the USA Store. How rude, Apple.

    Top end 27" iMac = US$1999, or in the Australian Store, AUD$2299 which at the current exchange rate is about US$2500. Why should we pay more, Apple? If anything, we're closer to China so should pay less on shipping!

    Whilst it's slightly better than yesterdays prices, I'm still seriously not happy.
    I'd buy one if we got the USA prices.Does Australia have a VAT? The U.S. doesn't.

    Nov 1, 05:25 PM
    To become a relevant team, we need to reach 250k units per day, almost double the current rate. We need 70 more iMacs/MacBooks or 5 8-core systems.

    We have reached 200k PPD, nice power up...
    Keep going, we need more bigadv users...

    Apr 27, 11:10 PM
    Deadline is 10:30 am EST.

    It's 11:31 EST.

    Apr 26, 08:52 PM
    transphobia That's a new one. It's almost as funny as the visual I got with a dude at the urinal with D cups.

    Almost as funny as your daughters face when she discovers that her dad is a brutal bigot who waits outside toilet doors to beat people up (

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