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  • RMo
    Apr 28, 07:02 PM
    I'm pretty sure it's just an illusion because of the color difference and the angle of the shot. Makes no sense why Apple would need to or want to do that.

    Bleeding light, maybe? Perhaps the plastic needed to be a bit thicker to prevent this. Alternatively, maybe they're providing a "free," built-in sort of bumper to mitigate the antenna problems. :)

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  • dongmin
    Jul 24, 10:02 PM
    sounds interesting, though i have a feeling many people will just ignore the feature and end up touching the screen anyway, lol.I think some of you have the wrong understanding of this 'non-touch' concept. You'll still be touching the screen. The purpose of the non-touch technology is to hide the scroll wheel (or any other controller) whenever it's not needed. But I think you'll still be touching the screen to actually activate the virtual buttons. That's my reading of it, anyways.

    Kinda takes away from that whole "Simplicity is everything" slogan Apple is known for, doesn't it? While I'll reserve my judgments on the design until it's worked into a final product, it does look like the user needs to take unnecessary steps to actually use the click wheel. Then again, pictures (drawings) probably can't do the interface justice.

    Still, not everything has to be digital over analog...I actually think this will be even more intuitive than other interfaces because the controls will be contextual. The buttons will automatically appear and disappear as you move your fingers over the iPod screen. The buttons themselves, I'm imagining, will maintain the look and feel of the trademark iPod scrollwheel. If you are smart enough to operate the current iPods, you'll be smart enough to use the touch-sensitive controls.

    BTW, wasn't this story already posted elsewhere a couple of days back? Shouldn't Macrumors be crediting the original publisher?

    edit: Appleinsider ( had this article last week. It goes into more detail too.

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  • Goldinboy17
    May 1, 10:10 PM
    Killed in Islamabad, Pakistan. He was inside a mansion with some family. Can't believe he was hiding in plain sight, especially when It could have been easier for Pakistan which had been supposedly proactive in fighting the Taliban as well as Osama. Can't imagine this will help Pakistan-US ties in the least, rather strain them.

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  • astewart
    Nov 3, 01:33 PM
    I can't wait to compare Parallels and WMWare Fusion.

    I'm still waiting for an E-mail back from them too.

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  • M-O
    Apr 28, 11:47 AM
    how many people held off on the verizon iPhone 4 thinking there would be a verizon iPhone 5 in June?
    Apple's takeover of verizon is still in the early stages.

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  • ctdonath
    Apr 13, 03:45 PM
    It would sport of course Airplay and Retinal on a 60" model in other words 4K TV for the masses. :-P


    Think long and hard about whatever complaint/excuse people have about TVs. Think about whatever technical explanation is required for use.
    Think about how to get rid of it.

    Resolution, framerate, bit rate, and color depth so high the actual figures are irrelevant.
    Wiring irrelevant (save only power). Either wireless, or "anything goes".
    Effortless 3D (glasses-less, lenticular, and/or head tracking).
    Minimal, intuitive interface (barely-there remote, or iPad like).

    Not saying it would be all or any of these.
    Saying it will be a "why didn't we think of, or do, that" obvious step.

    And just insufficient enough to keep the haters happy.

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  • zap2
    Apr 24, 09:35 AM
    This would make a possible model for Videotron and Wind Mobile in Canada and probably give Apple more carrier options in other countries also. It makes sense in a non-US Centric view.

    And looking at "carrier acquisitions" here, Rogers acquired Fido ages ago, yet even though the networks worked on the same GSM bands, they still haven't merged. An AT&T purchase of T-mobile would probably take years for a merge to even occur, and a few technology changes. AT&T isn't going to retrofit T-mobile's network and change their frequencies, requiring all the existing customer base to change phones.

    So even in a US Centric view, it makes a lot of sense. Basically, don't let an AT&T acquisition of T-mobile trick you into thinking this is a false rumor.

    No, it looks like AT&T is going to get ride of T Mobiles 3G so make room for 4G LTE.

    Its really not a bad idea....turns the purchase of T Mobile into something more then just one time growth. Also unless everyone followed Nokia with pentaband 3G devices, it would start to become a hassle.

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  • BlueRevolution
    Jun 6, 04:01 AM
    There should be a setting something like:
    - Never ask for password for purchases of $X and under.
    - Always ask for password for purchases of $Y and over.

    The first one would be nice so it I could set it to free and easily update my apps.
    The second would help prevent cases like the OP.

    I don't know about setting thresholds like that, but I sure would like to be able to download (and re-download) free apps without being prompted every time.

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  • Ish
    Apr 13, 03:32 AM
    Looks like a Strangler Fig. There is interesting info in the Wiki link below.

    Ficus aurea (


    Thanks, Dale! It says it's native to Florida too. Having done a fair amount of botany I like to know what things are. :) They looked quite magical at night.

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  • VanillaBean
    Mar 13, 04:00 PM
    Anyone have any inventory updates for stores in the area?

    Sold out at all Apple stores according to the OC Register.

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  • bedifferent
    Apr 26, 11:02 PM
    What a freaking RIP-OFF.
    No, a flat fee for unlimited rentals (music and movies) would be a good deal. I don't see Apple offering that any time soon, if EVER.

    Spot on, couldn't agree more. It's a marketing gimmick, and I've always hated that "dumbed down" term "cloud storage" for the average Joe-sumer. I hate that I have to use it for some of my clients for them to "get it". :rolleyes:

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  • Fujiko7
    Apr 4, 06:23 AM

    This is fantastic - you've captured a mysterious feeling here.

    Took my camera out yesterday for the first time in about four months: a bit like getting back in a car when you haven't driven for a while, to find you're thinking about something you used to do automatically...

    Looks like you've still got it ... welcome back!

    Great nature shot here - exciting!

    this is where boris and the clan are plotting how we can all pay for the olympics with parking tickets :rolleyes:

    aka the "giant testicle" (the building, not Boris).

    I am so jealous. Love some of the places people in the UK shoot at.

    Man, some of the people here are jealous of the, uh, "scenery" that you get to shoot.

    I know it is rather (ok, very) cliche to post a duck shot ;)

    No, it is an honourable tradition here ...


    designing clothes sketches. Fashion Design Sketch Set.
  • Fashion Design Sketch Set.

  • maclaptop
    May 5, 04:54 AM
    are you sure?

    Not gonna happen

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  • Popeye206
    May 3, 11:37 PM
    Since the iPhone 4 is a strong hardware device and now that we have the iPad 2 out, I think most of the focus for the short term has been on Lion and iOS 5. iOS 5 could bring some really great features to the existing hardware and buy Apple the time to make the next hardware change more significant.

    We will see... but in the long run, it should be good.

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  • HasanDaddy
    Mar 15, 09:06 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E200 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Just took a pic with Mystikal and put it on our facebooks

    Worst case scenario? Made a new friend

    It's a good day :)

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  • Jswoosh
    Apr 26, 12:19 AM
    So this tomorrow right? :p

    Ok I guess I'll have to wait another week. (Assuming this is accurate).

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  • penter
    Jul 25, 01:06 PM
    is this coating as strong as it claims to be? i dont think a plastic could handle steel sponge scratching...

    designing clothes sketches. the clothes are detailed
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  • Buschmaster
    Jul 28, 09:31 AM
    "We're not just introducing Zune to do the same thing other people do,"
    Well that certainly isn't what Microsoft is about...

    All of a sudden they're going to be innovative? What the hell? It's going to be a combination of every player on the market but you can probably plug it into your XBox to have it charge.:rolleyes: I hope it costs like a thousand dollars.

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  • MacU
    Sep 30, 12:11 PM
    Having worked very closely with the head engineers of AT&T, I do feel sorry for them. As someone stated earlier, that are spending billions to upgrade the network, but all that money will only meet current demand in some areas. The iPhone is such an incredible success that AT&T never had a chance. The same would be said about Verizon had they got the exclusive contract. If you want to lay the blame at anyones feet, it should be Apple. They should have made a CDMA version and split the load between the networks.

    That's actually a very intelegent point. I hate AT&T for their price gouging and service but I would bet we would've said the same about Verizon if they got the exclusivity too three years ago.

    The blame really is with Apple on this whole mess. Open up the rights to other carriers and give the customers the option between the big 3. At&t was an alienating decision.

    Jun 6, 03:47 PM
    Yeah, "accidentally," sure. :rolleyes: The price and the buttons on the app store are clearly labeled. You don't just "accidentally" purchase this. It's only believable if the kid is still an infant and randomly tap on stuff, but 11 year old? Come on. :rolleyes: Besides, there's an option to restrict the ability to install apps on the OS.

    Kudos to Apple to do the refund. If the scenario was that the kid accidentally made an international call costing $$$, I don't think AT&T would budge.

    It was done on an iPod Touch.

    Bubba Satori
    Mar 31, 12:44 PM
    That will look great on the new iSteamPunkMac.

    Apr 21, 10:53 PM
    How so? (not saying you're wrong, I'm genuinely curious)

    Several reasons. It's very fast - Mannheim is about a year, and Dusseldorf about two. You can't raise invalidity of the patent as a defense. You have to very early in the case explain your theory of non-infringement, etc. The system works very differently than the U.S.

    May 3, 07:42 AM
    Excellent news!

    I'm looking to spend some grant money and 4 x 27" iMacs and a couple 2 TB Time Capsules sounds like a great idea!

    Jul 26, 11:52 AM
    I'm going to assume it doesn't mean that you actually control the thing without touching it, rather it just makes the wheel disappear when you aren't holding it. That seems to be a more useful idea.

    I mean, otherwise, it's a useless feature, except to prevent screen scratching.

    Yeah, if you read the whole patent (, you'll notice that it makes mention of "force sensors" underneath the display to tell if it is a "light" or "hard" touch. A finger being waved above an object doesn't have force to sense, and in looking at the more tablet-oriented part of the patent, you can see that a hand is clearly holding the object ( The document also makes several references to the input devices appearing or disappearing based on the proximity of a finger.

    It would seem that the main purpose of this is to make overlays like this possible:

    This isn't a "none-touch" patent.

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