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  • rb_248
    02-07 11:01 AM
    Just saw this news on Economics Times (Indian Newspaper).

    First TOI reported this and Now ET is reporting this......I think we must research this further to make sure this is or is not true.

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  • o0appleboss0o
    01-03 01:16 PM
    Hi guys,
    I have an urgent case regarding the I-485 initial evidence. I sent out my I-485 application w/ I-864 and I-864A back in November, 2009. I am a F-1 visa holder currently in PhD program with around 21,000 stipend per year. My wife which is the petitioner (I-864) has no income and she filed a I-864 with my stipend in the first I-864 form. Since I am the beneficial and the instruction said that I didn't have to include my W-2 form. My parents in law had a joint account together. My father in law filed another I-864 form with his stipend of 20,000, and my mother in law filed a I-864A form with her stipend of 20,000. They have joint tax returns, and I have given immigration the copy of their 3 years W-2 and 1040 form.
    A few days ago, immigration has send me request for initial evidence (I485) with the check marks says
    1. The household member on the petitioner/sponsor's form I -864, must submit the federal income tax return submitted to the IRS for the most recent tax year.
    2. The household member on the petitioner/sponsors form I-864, and I-864A must submit all supporting tax documentation (W-2s) submitted to the IRS for the most recent tax year.

    My question is, I have submitted my parents in law's tax return for 2006 to 2008. we do not have the year 2009 because it is not going to be ready until April. What do they want?

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  • Libra
    10-03 03:36 PM
    so is that mean yours is EB2 oct 2005 pd? i hope your prediction become true, bcoz mine is mar 2005 EB2 :-))

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  • neeidd
    06-29 05:18 PM

    I have a question. I am on H1 and are planning to extend my H1 along with my wife H4. My question is, we both have EAD's and I never use EAD. My wife is looking for jobs on EAD. If she works on EAD, can she still able to extend H4 status?



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  • sivananda
    03-30 12:30 PM
    My first 3 year of H-1 is about to expire in October 2009.

    My employer is planning to apply for extension by premium processing in the next few weeks.

    My question:
    What if the H1 extension is rejected? Am I considered to be in legal status till October? I hope the original H1 is still in good position till October even though if my employer filing of extension is rejected.

    Please help with your answers.

    Thanks a lot.

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  • immm
    01-10 01:33 PM
    Hello friends,

    I filed for I-485 in mid-June 2007 but never received the receipt notice
    (due to the issue described in this thread:

    After months of calling USCIS (probably called at least 10-15 times over past 6 months) and having the lawyer send a written letter, I still did not receive the receipt notice as the customer service reps kept telling me that USCIS doesn't send a duplicate receipt notice.

    When I saw that one of my friends who had the same issue received a "Replacement Receipt Notice" after calling them numerous times, I decided to call them again. I was able to convince one of the reps to put in a service request requesting "resend whatever was returned to USCIS as undeliverable".

    I finally received a letter from USCIS that they will resend the receipt notice but it has been a few weeks since then and I still have not received the promised receipt notice.

    Now I need to file for EAD ASAP but it requires you to attach the receipt notice (Notice of Action I-797C or I-797??).
    (lawyer didn't file for EAD with I-485 as I have H1)

    So my question is:
    Can I use the Biometric appointment notice (ASC Appointment Notice I-797C) instead of I-485 Receipt Notice I-797 to file EAD form I-765 as a proof that I filed I-485 ?

    What are the odds that they will send my EAD application back saying that I need the actual I-485 receipt notice?

    What are my options?

    Thanks in advance!

    PD: Mar 2002
    EB3, India
    I-485 Reached Nebraska - June 15th, 2007.


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  • kriskris
    06-24 03:38 PM
    Hello Gurus,

    Can we use an Existing Adv. parole Document that was stamped at the POE this year be used Again for Travel Purpose. It has a Valid date and expires in September '08. I am planning to visit europe next week and i couldn't find the 2nd AP Document that was never used.

    Please comment!

    Yes you can.
    I specifically asked this question to the IO at POE. He said I should use the already stamped one not the new one. Please make sure to carry extra copies.

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  • bbct
    02-04 09:04 AM
    On your I-485 approval, H4 status is lost and no longer valid.


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  • regacct
    11-18 11:45 AM
    Free Attorney Conference call today (

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  • kondur_007
    08-11 08:53 PM
    As per Spet 2009 visa bulletin, my PD will be current . I recently moved to LA due to Job change . If i do AC 21, do you think i will miss a oppurtunity of getting GC in spet since my PD is OCT 2004.

    Please advise. Should i do AC21 now ? Or Should i do only on RFE?

    Another question. I still have permanent address in chicago but moved to LA. Do i need to do AC11 form?


    I would advise not to file anything at this point (in your situation). Hang tight and wait.

    Good Luck.


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  • justice4all
    08-31 03:33 PM
    I am planning to file EB2 and port my EB3-I140 PD. My current position is System Analyst with EB3 job requirement. I can get a promotion but that doesnt qualify for EB2 job requirement. So I am planning to move to a different position, Research Associate which qualifies for EB2(it requires masters degree) with the same employer. Can I file EB2 with this position and port my EB3-I140 PD? Advice pls.


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  • yaasir
    10-28 03:21 PM
    Thank You kirupa, it works.
    Great work


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  • lord_labaku
    04-06 02:27 PM
    As long as your Advance parole is not expired, you should be able to travel with it. If your Advance parole is going to expire around the time you are planning travel; you should renew your advance parole.

    As far as I can see, yours is a straight forward case.

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  • Blog Feeds
    06-22 10:10 AM
    AILA Leadership Has Just Posted the Following:

    What is the deal with Senator Ensign? He cheated on his wife? Don't all politicians do that? (The answer is no, not all politicians do that). So, what is the a big deal? Let me tell you--Because Senator Ensign is a HYPOCRITE! Senator Ensign received a 100% rating ( every anti-immigration group ( there for his stance against immigration reform ( for his opposition to giving "amnesty" to "illegals."

    While adultery is not illegal in Nevada (its not, I checked), I would daresay that if Americans were asked this question--"Do you forgive Adulterous, Cheating Senators, OR Undocumented Immigrants seeking a better life for them and their familes," that resoundingly Americans would say--Dump the Senator and pass Immigration Reform. But wait, Americans are already saying that.

    So, Senator Ensign, good for you, you did not break the law in Nevada by committing adultery and cheating on your wife. However, you have sacrificed the "moral high ground" you may have thought you once had. And while your wife is apparently is willing to forgive you, frankly, I doubt anyone else is. So, if by some magic you manage to retain your seat in the Senate, perhaps the next time you are ready to cast aspersions on an entire group of people seeking a better life for themselves, you might want to take that beam out of your own eye first!

    More... (


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  • glosrfc
    04-01 03:15 PM
    Huh? Call me old-fashioned but this bloke would rather be matched with someone who has...well, bits that don't dangle so much if you get my gist.

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  • chetansharma703
    10-20 06:58 AM

    I got here on K-1 visa on 05/03/2010. Got married 07/03/2010. Got my SSN and applied for I-485, I-765 within the timeline. Received RFE for co-sponsor as my wife's salary wasn't enough. Her dad was suppose to do it but stepped back. When we filed I 485 & I 765 we also sent the I864A form which is a contract between the household member and the sponsor. But now we did not send it cuz we have moved out. She lost her job just one day before we responded to RFE but we still sent her work documents cuz they were already in motion as when we applied for it we sent her work info. My friend co-sponsored and we responded to RFE within the timeline. Received an update that the decesion will be made in 60 days. Not sure they will approve it because my co-sponsor's salary is only $24,000 per annum. The question is, if they deny then we will apply for MTR and they deny that too then do I have to leave from USA because I can't leave my wife like that cuz she has nobody after me here as she already got seperated from her family too as I did. We are very young. I am 23 and she is 19. We got married to have a dream to live together forever. I can't take her back with me to India cuz she is highly lactose intolerance person, doctors said she might die if she goes there cuz our food is 99% dairy. Please help...


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  • funkycatspangky
    07-19 09:03 PM
    Thank you for all the quick replies.

    I understand that in october, they might bring up some issues regarding Legal Green Card application.

    One of them will be to clear the backlog for those who legally applied for the GC.

    Can some kind soul please give me information about this ?

    Does this applies to me or does it applies to the Employment based GC or GC application in general ?

    Thank you for your time.

    FunkyCat - Spangky

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  • needhelp!
    01-14 12:45 PM
    No you are not required to file a separate petition for your husband. When your sister files the I-130, she needs to put your husband's name on the same form.

    When you file DS-230, Each family member that is eligible to travel to the United States with you under this visa classification is required to complete the DS-230 Part I. So separate DS-230 are required for you and your husband.

    1. If you are a U.S.citizen you must file a separate Form I-130 for each eligible relative. You may file a Form I-130 for:
    A. Your husband or wife;
    B. Your unmarried child under age 21;
    C. Your unmarried son or daughter age 21 or older;
    D. Your married son or daughter of any age;
    E. Your brother(s) or sister(s) (you must be age 21 or older);
    F. Your mother or father (you must be age 21 or older).

    If your relative qualifies under paragraph 1(C), 1(D), or 1(E) above, separate petitions are not required for his or her husband or wife or unmarried children under 21 years of age.

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  • nkavjs
    07-26 05:05 PM
    Hi Friends :

    I am not sure if I am posting this question in right thread or not.
    My attorney (Dumbest creature on this earth) filed my I-485 (AOS) application on 30th June, 07 recd. on 2nd July at 10.45 am. I was under this impression that all 3 stages 485/765/131 were filed along to uscis.. but I was wrong. My attorney only applied for 485 saying that they were very busy and will file for 765 and 131 (EAD and AP) after we get 485 adjudicated.. BS..

    Anyways.. My question is.. since 485 was mailed out via attorney's office, can I go ahead and apply for 765 and 131 on my own, bypassing attorney's effort or am I stuck with them to wait for their mood-swings to go ahead and file my papers. The deadline with old fees application is 30th July as per the news bulletin. I dont want to waste time for 485 to get adju. and then file for 765/131.

    Please advise me about this situation. Also I don't have any proof of 485 application being submitted. I only have tracking number of Fedex that the application was delivered on 2nd July. GOSHH.. pls. advise me.

    Stuck in indy

    11-16 10:40 AM
    all state chapter members update their signatures to point to their own state chapter, then we will have state chapter links no matter where you go/

    06-21 08:39 PM
    AR-11 form you send to different address . It is not part of I-485.

    It is less likely that they compare your addresses with AR-11 address audit logs.

    I think you should not worry too much about it.

    Though you need to send AR-11 with in 10 days of your move to new address , I guess you can still send AR-11 form ,as AR-11 form does not ask from which date you moved to the new address. Check with your lawyer also
    Please help.

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