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  • potatoeater
    05-27 10:09 PM
    Dude, what are you talking here? Have you lost your mind?

    Looks like some touts are booking dates in bulk and selling them in the black maeket. May be some of the embassy staff are colluding too. Whichever way you see it is a criminal activity.

    You should be asking to expose these criminals and hand them over to police, not asking for their dubious services. Once such scums are weeded out of the system the dates will start opening up automatically.

    Can someone please post the contact or privately send me the
    contact of the person who helps with the dates, coz I am trying for my grandmother for quite some time but to no avail...

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  • fromnaija
    07-12 01:46 PM
    You can use either the current edition of 06/05/2008 since that's the version on USCIS web site or use the older version until July 31, 2008. From August 1, 2008 you MUST use the 06/05/08 edition only. I am sure your doctor will have the older edition.

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-26 01:00 PM
    Until now, new inmates booked into the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) prison system had their fingerprints checked only for criminal history information. But now, each new inmate booked into the Huntsville, Texas, intake site will now also have his or her fingerprints checked by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) biometric system for any immigration record.

    The TDCJ prison system is the first in the United States to partner with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in this new program, called Secure Communities. This comprehensive program is intended to streamline the process by which ICE determines if the screened inmate is a criminal alien, subject to automatic removal after the inmate completes his or her prison term. Highest priority is given to inmate aliens who have been convicted of crimes such as rape, robbery, murder, kidnapping, and major drug offenses.

    Eventually all 24 intake sites in Texas will have the same capability to screen inmates’ immigration history. ICE currently partners with 50 counties and law enforcement agencies across the nation in the Secure Communities program, and looks to expand the program to all law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.

    More information about ICE's Secure Communities effort is available at www.ice.gov (http://www.ice.gov). Additional information about TDCJ’s partnership with ICE may be found at: http://www.ice.gov/pi/nr/0905/090519huntsville.htm.

    More... (http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Immigration-law-answers-blog/~3/FI8w3PSQgR0/)

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  • arihant
    07-18 03:28 PM
    If this has happened to you personally then you may be able to let Ombudsman know about it.

    if it has happened to a friend of yours then maybe you can convince the friend to complain to Ombudsman.

    Beyond this I doubt there is much that can be done.


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  • psychman
    11-18 01:59 AM
    Hi Kirupa. Thank you very much for the link. That did help clear things up. I think I could still benefit from seeing an example if you wouldn't mind sending one? Thanks!

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  • gcseeker2002
    01-16 10:07 AM
    I think at this pace, it should be for the grandchild!!!!!!
    We can write a will and put our priority date in it !!, but I dont think in 25 years from now(assuming we live that long) the US green card will hold any value ;)


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  • ndbhatt
    11-15 11:37 AM
    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Bump...

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  • vikram_singh
    07-31 06:14 PM

    I just created a search engine (http://immisearch.blogspot.com/) to help all people looking for a better way to search topics around immigration related activites. The search engine came as a result of my countless hours that I spent searching to answers around the web.
    Try searching for any information with h1b, h4, Green Card, I-485, I140, citizenship etc, and the engine should give you a better result.

    Leave a comment at the blog and let me know what else could be improved.

    Also find out what people are saying at other threads..



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  • j751
    06-19 01:11 PM
    Does anyone have a I-140 recepit # starting with "WAC" and know which Service center their I-140 is pending?


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  • arunoman
    08-30 03:05 PM
    Is it possible to change to Consular processing while I-140 and I-485 is in pending.

    I filed 485 in Aug and do not have the receipt either.

    Kindly advice.


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  • ranand00
    08-28 12:12 AM
    Hi company A applied for my H1 in april 1st week.
    they have got 2 rfe so far and now i am not interested in working with them(they also dont seem interested in replying to the 2nd rfe)
    Another company is interested in filing my h1b.
    what is the safest way to go about doing this.
    should i let company B know that i filed with company A before.
    Also will there be any problem in getting H1b approved because of my earlier filing

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  • nmdial
    02-26 09:26 AM
    Dear Lawyers,
    I am a registered professional civil engineer in the state of PA having an educational background of a BS from India and MS from the US in civil engineering. I got my H1B extension approved last year for its second term of three years. I have been working in the same company since my graduation and also hold an approved I-140. I am planning to visit India in March to get my visa stamping done and am concerned about the reports of valid H1B holders being returned from Newark. Do you think I should avoid Newark as the PoE?

    Thanks and regards,


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  • sweet23guyin
    02-19 10:49 AM

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  • mvk80
    07-27 09:35 PM
    Hi folks,

    I am on H1B visa currently, set to expire in two months from now (end of September). I need to get my H1B renewed for the next 3 yrs. Due to unavoidable reasons my lawyer has not been able to file for the renewal yet.

    My questions are -
    1. Do I need to have the approval notice before my expiration date?
    Not necessary. It is enough that you file your H1-B renewal before expiration date. i.e. your H-1B renewal receipt date should be before your expiration date.
    2. I plan to travel internationally in November. Would the receipt notice be acceptable to reenter? Or do I need the approval notice?
    No, you cannot travel if your H-1B renewal is pending. You can only travel after you are approved. So, if you plan to travel and come back before your present H-1B expiry, you should not apply for renewal until you come back.

    Any suggestions are most welcome. Thanks in advance.

    DISCLAIMER: Do not take this as legal advice. Please consult your attorney.


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  • forgerator
    09-09 05:51 PM
    Had my appointment on Sept 8 at 10am, wife was also with me for her H4 stamp. Went for fingerprinting, then went to 20th floor for interview.

    This was the interesting part! The Visa officer asked where I worked, then asked me where I was from. I said Lahore, he then started asking me about situation there with respect to the floods, and whether our families were affected etc. He then said, everything looks good and told us to come back on the 10th (2 days later) to collect passports. He did not check a single document (job letter, paystubs etc.). Just asked me about Lahore and sent us on our way.

    Considering I am Pakistani, I thought this should give hope to other Pakistanis applying. Btw my first name is not so rare, but last name very rare. Also work for a Fortune 100 firm.

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  • raysaikat
    05-06 09:17 AM
    Hi, I have question about my case.

    My family was applied I-485 by my mom's working at the company, and all my family had EAD which is working permit and received SSN with that EAD.

    However, 2008 January our I-485 have got denied because of sponsor got closed.
    That was the before our EAD card gets expired. So I couldn't renew the EAD card.

    So My question is, is there any way to renew that EAD now?
    if I still want to work, what does I have to do?

    The EAD is a benefit of being in AOS --- i.e., due to pending I-485 approval. When your I-485 (I-485 applications are individual applications) was denied, your EAD stopped being valid. If you did not stop working, then you were working illegally (assuming that you had no other work VISA). So you have been out of status for more than 2 years, and possibly accrued unlawful presence for a similar period as well. If your unlawful presence accumulated to 180 days, that will trigger a 3 year ban from entering US, and a 10 year ban if the unlawful presence is 1 year or more.


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  • GeetaRam
    07-30 09:02 AM
    I think even if employer revokes or cancels and if you have approval copy of I-140 you can port the date. Please consult some good immigration attorney.

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  • Blog Feeds
    01-31 08:40 AM
    Slightly sooner than expected but the H1B cap was reached today. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced today that it has received a sufficient number of H-1B petitions to reach the statutory cap for fiscal year (FY) 2011. USCIS is notifying the public that yesterday, Jan. 26, 2011, is the final receipt date for new H-1B specialty occupation petitions requesting an employment start date in FY2011.

    The final receipt date is the date on which USCIS determines that it has received enough cap- subject petitions to reach the limit of 65,000. Properly filed cases will be considered received on the date that USCIS physically receives the petition; not the date that the petition was postmarked. USCIS will reject cap-subject petitions for new H-1B specialty occupation workers seeking an employment start date in FY2011 that arrive after Jan. 26, 2011.

    USCIS will apply a computer-generated random selection process to all petitions that are subject to the cap and were received on Jan. 26, 2011. USCIS will use this process to select petitions needed to meet the cap. USCIS will reject all remaining cap-subject petitions not randomly selected and will return the accompanying fee.

    On Dec. 22, 2010, USCIS had also received more than 20,000 H-1B petitions filed on behalf of persons exempt from the cap under the �advanced degree� exemption. USCIS will continue to accept and process petitions that are otherwise exempt from the cap.

    Those who missed the filing this week, should get ready to file on April 1, 2011 for the FY 2012 term, we feel that visas will run out fast this coming April.

    More... (http://www.visalawyerblog.com/2011/01/h1b_cap_reached_fiscal_year_20.html)

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  • jv_01
    05-18 03:41 PM
    I am currently on h1b visa without a project from past 1 year in US and my employer asked me to convert to L2 visa dependent on my husband who is on L1 visa . I do not have any paystubs for my stamping. If I go to canada consulate for stamping, what is the success rate for my visa being approved?Will I be able to come back to US without any issues.Also, can you suggest me to which consulate should I go for my stamping?Please help!


    08-25 03:59 PM
    Stamping of H1B in US is stopped long back.
    But one stamping of Indian passport is still doing in USCIS office. I-551 Passport Stamp after first CRIS email (I-485 approved), if any one want to travel in an emergency, and need not wait for physical GC.

    Stamping within US is history - However, if COS is approved, your spouse can continue his studies without stamping, but if you exit the country then you need to stamp your F1 and return.

    04-08 01:01 PM

    I received the following LUDs on my I-140
    Soft LUD 03/28/08
    Soft LUD 03/30/08 (Yeah on Sunday)
    Soft LUD 03/31/08

    can anyone tell me what is going on? My I-140 filing date is 6/13/2008 EB3 Category(India), NSC


    This means nothing.

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