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  • naveenchitluri
    04-15 11:53 AM
    I got mine stamped on Feb 23rd in Mumbai.
    Good luck.

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  • wandmaker
    01-25 04:36 PM
    Query on behalf of a friend -

    What are the timelines for I-539 Change of Status for H1 to H4?
    Is premium processing option available for the this change of status?

    Friend worked till last week of pregnancy (clean H1 history before). Her 12 weeks of maternity leave is ending soon and looks like the family needs to pay attention to child's condition and she has no choice but to become a full-time mom (another full-time job in itself though). She was in status during her maternity leave (some part of which was covered by STD insurance, remaining unpaid leave totaling 12 weeks under FMLA). She needs to change her status from H1 to H4.

    - File for H1-H4 ASAP with in the unpaid leave window
    - No premium processing available for H4

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  • idark
    06-29 02:19 PM
    Nice concept :) Very innovative!

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  • nikamd
    05-06 04:51 PM

    Do we have any EB3 approvals in May.

    My PD is 25 Feb 2002 and i am current from March. I still have not received my approval.



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  • Rb_newsletter
    02-19 11:54 AM
    Immigrationvoice is attending this meeting in DC and some core members are also calling in. Updates will be posted soon.

    Can we see the full transcript of the conference? Is it available somewhere?

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  • dollar500
    12-06 05:04 PM
    I am a question regarding h1b stamp.

    I am working for a company (A) and I have visa stamp for company A until Dec 2010. I am planning to switch to company B soon. I was wondering if I need another visa stamp with company B or the same stamp will do. I am planning to visit India in February.
    Thanks in advance


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  • rvendra
    10-30 11:24 AM
    No, My employer based in New York, we don't have any offices in FL

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  • visacase
    07-10 01:05 PM

    Can I work for a couple of days using tax form 1099 while on H1B? The amount for the number of hours while working will be less than $600. Please help.


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  • sanjeev_2004
    06-16 12:49 AM
    In the 485 check list sent by my employer one of the item is :

    "Affidavit of support duly notarized (Form I-864) if you are applying for your family"

    I am applying for my self and my wife and for my daugher. I will send my all paper to my employer and he will sent to attorney.
    Do i have to fill form I-864 or attorney will fill form. if i need to fill then where i can find this form and how i can notarize it.

    Please help.


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  • TomPlate
    07-05 02:10 PM
    All can file I-485 now. please go through this link.
    Did you got this news from where how when everybody asking?????


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  • Blog Feeds
    07-02 04:30 PM
    The Obama administration announced to use cutting-edge technologies to revamp the entire US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), so as to not only reduce the paperwork, but also the backlog and bring in more transparency into the system.

    US President Barack Obama told a select bi-partisan group of Congressmen that such a system would be in place in the next 90 days, in which the USCIS will launch a vastly improved website.

    This is likely to help thousands of Indian Americans every year who apply for permanent residency or Green Card, citizenship or approach USCIS for various immigration issues, but have to experience an agonizing wait.

    More... (

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  • martinvisalaw
    06-18 01:10 PM
    You should ask both law firms to send you your 485 paperwork, assuming you are listed as the client. they might not send you any I-140 documents, since this was the employer's filing, but the 485 documents should give you what you need. You should write to CIS saying that you are no longer represented by attorneys and ask them to send all documents directly to you. Unfortunately, CIS can be very slow in acknowledging these requests, so it is likely that correpondence will continue to go to one or both attorneys.


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  • ajaykk
    11-08 01:43 PM
    Thanks WebM for you reply.

    More questions, what if I dont appear for visa for my H1 and comeback on AP? Is it ok to enter on AP without a valid visa?
    Can I stay on H1 and apply for extension next year? Can I change employer in future?


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  • sertasheep
    06-19 08:50 PM
    Hello Sameer,

    Yes it does.


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  • martinvisalaw
    02-18 04:23 PM
    My report of the call is here: Law Office of Elaine Martin - immigration news: CIS teleconference today on recent H-1B memo (

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  • dcrtrv27
    08-07 01:24 PM
    Is WOM is the quicker solution?
    I understand that it may take years to conclude....!!!
    Anybody had got success with WOM?


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  • rc0878
    09-17 09:10 AM
    Applications were sent to NSC on July 19th' 2007. I got my receipt numbers today and all three numbers (I485, EAD & AP) start with WAC ### ### ####. The online status for the applications say that the 485 application was transfered to Texas Service Center and the EAD & AP applications were sent to Califorina Service Center.

    Also just fyi, my I-140 app. is pending at NSC since Dec' 2006. So now I am all over the country :-)

    Don't know its good or bad. Any idea anyone?

    Is anyone else in a similar situation?

    Best of luck to all....

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  • chanduv23
    12-10 11:33 AM
    Please contribute

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  • njboy
    06-20 10:46 PM

    WASHINGTON - In a defeat for President Bush, Republican congressional leaders said Tuesday that broad immigration legislation is all but doomed for the year, a victim of election-year concerns in the House and conservatives' implacable opposition to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants.

    08-25 12:11 PM
    This is not the appropriate place to ask this question. Most of us here are still waiting to get our green card. You may find answer to your question at another forum that have people who already took the oath.

    January 4th, 2005, 12:25 AM
    cool. If you saturated it a little more the Orange would become more dominant and give you another picture yet again!!!


    trace bitmap [Archive] - kirupaForum

    View Full Version : trace bitmap

    08-18 03:07 PM
    Hi guys.

    One of my favourite features in Flash is Trace Bitmap. I am currently trying to produce a print catalog and wanted to use this effect. I was wondering if there's any other programs that offer a similar feature, or otherwise what is the best way to trace a photo in flash and export it to another program.

    Any help would be much appreciated.



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