jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

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  • krithi
    02-07 03:56 PM
    Do we need original copy of 485 receipt when travelling using AP.


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  • cox
    June 25th, 2005, 09:36 AM
    The light never really got good this morning. There were too many clouds, and I couldn't get the light and shadow I wanted. Here's what I came up with. Let me know what I could have done to improve them. Thanks!

    http://www.dphoto.us/forumphotos/data/931/medium/Golden_Gate_sm_C_062505JP8X2505.jpg (javascript:;)

    http://www.dphoto.us/forumphotos/data/931/medium/Alcatraz_sm_C_062505JP8X2483.jpg (javascript:;)

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  • bpadala
    06-11 06:29 PM

    In first place this is not a place where you will have individuals answering questions related to Canadian Immigration. You can look at "http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board" and get more info on the same.

    To answer your questions, In first place this program comes up with few clauses. Your eligibility to apply for this program is contingent upon the fact that you hold a current H1B and are working on H1B for atleast one year. It is also important to prove your H1B status when you get your permanent residency with Canada. With the over flow of applications, they added another clause in the form of eligibility which will make only "IT Managers" eligible for this category. They were taking applications with all NOC codes but offlate around May 29, the eligibility is dependent on your IT Manager role.

    Blog through the above site and you should be able to get more info. Check this one too


    Good Luck

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  • raj2007
    05-07 08:49 PM

    My friend is facing same type of issue. He entered the US with company A with visa expiring in Jul 2006.

    In Nov. 2005 he moved to company B and his I-94 was extened till Oct. 2007 (New h1 expiry date). He went to India in Dec. 2006 and entered with old visa stamp. He got new I-94 with old date i.e. Jul 2006.

    Now he wants to extend his H1 and I-94 is expired. Will this create any issue? Hase anybody faced this type of issue before? All replies will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • mhtanim
    09-18 12:50 PM
    Fedex usually does not deliver to PO Box addresses. I am assuming Fedex delivered your package to the actual address instead of the PO Box. I would check with Fedex if the package was delivered.

    Fedex delivers thousands of packages everyday to that address. I think you should be fine.

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  • gc_chahiye
    10-01 02:58 PM
    Hi ,

    I have a PERM filed on Nov 2006. and it is approved. Like most ppl here I also applied for I-140 & I-485 during July and got the receipts. I am looking to change companies using AC21 by next Jan but would like to keep my H1B active.

    I have the following qns:
    a. If I find a new employer(B) who is willing to transfer my H1B, will I get extension 3 yr extension beyond 6 yrs based on my current employer(A)'s PERM and approved I-140.

    b. I know that 3 yrs extension is possible with approved I-140. Is it possible with new employer also (the one who has nt filed ur GC ? Also Is 3 yr extn possible after filing I-485 beyond 6 yrs?


    yes to all questions.


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  • admin
    03-26 06:41 PM

    Sent you a PM.

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  • tejonidhi
    09-11 09:22 PM
    VDL rao,

    when can we expect dates to move. please let us know.


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  • rockstart
    10-06 03:20 PM
    I joined my present company in June 2004 on CPT, missed the summer graduation so applied for the spring graduation. Got my MS diploma in Dec 2004 (non thesis). Went on H1 in Oct 2004. Applied for GC in Feb 06 as EB2 and I got it without any issues. I know another friend of mine who joined with me in June 2004. He actually took classes later to finish his MS and finally graduated in December 2005 and he too got his Eb2 approved. The GC is for future job and not the current one so according to me it should be fine.

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  • MrWaitingGC
    09-28 02:35 PM
    I think he has suggested you for Good. And take a look at the add what they have given for LC. If this says you need MBA then you can go for Eb2 else you cannot.

    I another case a guy had 10yrs experiece but job requirement asked for 1 yr so they have to go for EB3.


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  • vikramWrites
    02-04 01:32 PM
    Hi, I am an Indian citizen working on a H1b visa. I need a Canadian tourist visa (TRV). I am planning to go to the Canadian consulate in Detroit. Would you know if Canadian Detroit consulate allows walk-in visa appointments. Is there any specific day or time when they permit walk-ins and how long does it take to get stamping. If Detroit does not, does consulate at Seattle or Buffalo allow walk-ins.

    Will really appreciate if you can share your experience.

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  • rogueDev
    07-05 08:01 PM
    As Silverlight is a browser side technology, you would have no problem serving Silverlight content from our servers as long as you add the proper MIME type settings to the site via .htaccess rules such as:

    AddType application/xaml+xml .xaml
    AddType application/x-silverlight-app .xap
    AddType application/x-ms-xbap .xbap

    HTTP responses have a "content-type" as apart of their header.


    Examples are JPG, HTML, EXE.

    It is advised to set the content type appropriately when you serve a file from your webserver by modiftying your htaccess file. To be honest, you can get away without setting this for all the popular browsers from my experience, but it might affect caching or obscure browsers negatively. There could be other implications, but none that I'm aware of.

    Since Silverlight xap archives are a very new type, 90% of servers probably aren't configured to serve this filetype by default, so they're advising you to modify your htaccess file and *** that type.


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  • samirpatel08
    09-09 01:16 PM
    My case was approved on Aug 19, 2010. I received my card on Aug 26, 2010.

    Unfortunately, The EAD card had a wrong start date. I have sent my cards back for correction on Sept 2, 2010.

    (I do have approval e-mail of my cards and the case.)

    So, Question is, Can I work while my cards come back with the correct date. I don't have receipt of the replacement cards in my hand yet.

    Please let me know.

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  • nixstor
    03-27 03:13 PM
    You would send the needed paperwork and she will appear for her visa. You wouldnt need to be along with her unless you are already out of US and has a expired visa.


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  • BumbleBee
    07-20 04:49 PM
    You need to be in valid H1B status to get H1B extension. If you have abandoned it or it has expired, then you are subject to H1B quota. But I don't have any document/memo to support it. Wait for more senior people's response.


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  • axp817
    01-13 12:29 PM
    I am planning to visit Canada sometime in the summer, and being Indian, I need a visitor's visa.

    The Canadian consulate doesn't have much information about Advance Parole holders in the US applying for a visitor's visa, and it looks like the process is the same as for F-1, H-1B holders.

    I am wondering if I need to send the original AP (as a supporting document) or if a copy will do.

    I can't go to the consulate in person, and have to send my stuff in the mail, or this wouldn't have been an issue.



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  • TwinkleM
    09-07 12:48 AM
    Thanx a lot Sunny1000 for your reply. I appreciate it.

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  • kedrex
    02-15 08:04 PM

    There seem to be a positive and negative news this year for EB2s. On the one hand, USCIS surprisingly allocated all their visas last year and that means that EB2 will not receive the (20k/3) visas that they received last year.

    On the other hand because of the bad economy, one would expect that the companies will not be hiring as much EB1s and ROW EB2s as last year plus the DOL is expected to make Labor Certs very strict plus there are postings that software jobs wont make it to EB2.

    I would appreciate it if the number crunching gurus can throw any light on how the rest of this fiscal is gonna be like for EB2s.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Lara007
    01-12 11:17 PM
    I had the same issue and I didn't write down the receipt number and USCIS customer support wasn't helpful to get the number. Now I am stuck and can send the support document only after receiving notification mail.

    04-12 03:13 PM
    Some where I read that there is no fee for renewal of AP. I am a Jul 07 filer and am not sure about this. Further already applied last year for Advance parole and traveled once. it got expired last month. I am applying for a new one again. So just wanted to know if I need to pay the fees $305.

    So my questions are:

    Does July 07 filers need to send the cheque for $305 for AP renewal. (My I 485 Reciept Date is Aug 2007)
    Should we also include Biometric fee of $80?

    And how much time approx is it taking these days for AP?

    Thanks in advance and appreciate your advise

    02-21 10:57 AM

    Thanks for participation in this forum. I think if US consulate denies visa in Canada then if one has AP (EAD and pending Adjustment of status) then she/he can come back to US without home country. Is that right?
    I just wanted to validate my understanding.


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