domingo, 26 de junio de 2011

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  • kamakya
    05-14 12:43 PM
    I have no idea about property taxes about VA. In urbana, the property tax is 0.00094 % of sale price. Urbana is about 36 miles from DC exactly. for a 300K house, the property tax is about 282$ PM.

    How much is the property tax in VA? I was also thinking of fairfax county when I started my search but ended up in Urbana.

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  • gaz
    02-17 09:34 AM
    I just got my H1 visa and thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate that. I now actually got some questions about the port of entry. As my understanding that they will stamp my passport at the port of entry, I wonder if they will keep my current I-797 at the port of entry (I already have the H1 stamp in my passport). Pls advise. Also, I don�t have the bottom portion of the I-94 on I-797 since I am currently in Malaysia . Would this be a problem? Please also advise if they will issue me the new I-94 at the port of entry. Anybody pls help. Thank you very much.

    keep the 797 with you. you may be asked for it at the port of entry - but it will be returned to you. that is your work authorization approval notice
    you will get a new i94 - make sure the date on the i94 matches the date-valid-until for the h1b visa.

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  • Kushal
    04-24 02:18 PM
    Finally, My I-485 got approved.
    PD:MARCH2002, EB2, INDIA
    RD: MARCH 2007
    Thank you All!!


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  • gconmymind
    08-13 06:53 PM

    Whats your opinion? Do I have a chance with new updated list and 4 more publications and a letter about my leadership role?

    With identical evidence, my EB2-NIW was approved at NSC.

    -Please advice.


    A friend of mine, with similar credentials like yours (from what i can get from your post) got his GC thru EB2-NIW. He didn't have to go through lengthy labor process. His lawyer recommended against filing for EB-1. Please contact a lawyer and hope for the best


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  • sanju_dba
    04-20 10:25 AM
    I donot encourage IV'ans to participate in this march.
    It means Join hands with Illegals for noreason.
    No matter "how" loud / "what" you scream in this march it will be heard as "give amnesty".

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  • lazycis
    01-15 11:15 AM
    Finally, I found it in the federal regulations. So it's the federal law.

    20 CFR Ch. V. � 655.731
    except that the deduction may not recoup a business expense(s) of the employer (including attorney fees and other costs connected to the performance of H–1B program functions which are required to be performed by the employer, e.g., preparation and filing of LCA and H–1B petition);


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  • fromnaija
    08-03 12:12 PM
    With a priority date of July 2006, you are looking at another four to five years before you get your GC barring any changes in current laws and available visa. Many people advise that you maintain your H1 during the wait just to have a fallback position in case your 485 is denied.

    So my status doesnt change until my I 485 is approved- any idea how long that will take? My H 1B expires in Nov of 2007 should I get an extension? Thank you for your replies- Lisa

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  • alifarhan123
    08-27 03:20 PM
    I got the 2 yr EAD as well, but don't know what the use of having it without I140 approval.


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  • grajesh2000
    05-02 10:32 AM
    Count me in

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  • dilipcpa
    08-19 07:19 PM
    My EAD is approved for 2 years last week, Today my attorney sent me I-140 reference answered is due by 1st Nov,

    I will really appreciate your advise. My I-140 is filed for Accounting analyst.

    My PD date is in Dec. 2006

    As per Reference:

    1) Please provide evidence (in the form of official academic transcript) of any additional education the beneficiary has obtained prior to Dec. 2006

    2)The other one is for Company 's ability to pay and for my payroll records after PD to current. (This is not an issue as my firm is financially sound)

    My I-140 is filed under skilled category, with 3 years eqiuvalent Bachelors degree, evaluated by degreepeople.

    I have additional 2 years certification corses in business adminstration not considered by my attorney.

    I will appreciate if some one can provide me better attorney to handle this case.


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  • hindu_king
    03-09 12:39 PM
    Just in-case one gets layed-off and has an EAD, can that person buy a 7-Eleven or a Gas Station?
    Can the EAD holder actually run the gas station/7-eleven by working/being present there? (Maybe he/she can work there and take all the profit but no salary).
    What happens if there is an RFE asking for proof of employment during this period?

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  • stupendousman11
    08-15 09:54 AM
    Why are there two "Priority Date" columns?


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  • psaxena
    11-19 05:13 PM
    Tech workers take H-1B case to Supreme Court - Network World (

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  • anuh1
    03-30 08:12 AM
    Congrats man. I am still waiting for mine. All the best for your perm.


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  • bitzbytz
    03-10 10:08 PM
    Never an issue with Money2Transfer. Best service of all and multiple options. Been using it for close to 10 yrs now. Latest interest rates for FD in india is 9.25%. Time to send more again

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  • ssdtm
    12-12 03:56 PM
    Leaving with expired I-94 is no issues. My wife recently went India, gave expired i-94 on passport. She did not give the latest i-94 that came with her H4. She got visa stamped from India, and came back without any issues.


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  • needhelp!
    10-24 05:00 PM
    Here's another bump incase DFW friends have missed it.

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  • flex
    10-02 06:16 PM
    Why not?

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  • tb2904
    12-21 11:11 AM
    I was in a kind of similar situation couple of times

    1. I had a valid US visa and I was traveling from Cincinnati to New Delhi via Paris on Air France. My flight from Cincinnati got delayed and I missed my connecting flight in Paris. All the passengers that had the green card or US citizenship were allowed to stay in Hotel outside the airport. But, since I am an Indian national and did not have a transit visa, France custom officer told me that I am "illegally" in France. He was nice guy and advised me to stay the night at the airport terminal and board the plane to India next day.

    2. My visa on my passport expired and I had the H1 extension papers with me. I was traveling on Air France from Cincinnati to New Delhi and my flight was via Paris. The airline staff at Cincinnati did not allow me to board the plane as I did not have a valid US visa on my passport. I had to drive down to Chicago to get the transit visa.

    Bottom line, if you don't have a green card it is better/safe to get a transit visa. France is a tourist friendly country and they process the visa much faster than other embassy provided you have had western country visa before (which in your case you do).

    07-11 02:50 PM


    hope this helps everybody who willing to post such frustration. Please keep all thoes with your self and dont bother others.



    Not every member here is a MAN (to be a Gentalman), some are women, do they not count? :)

    04-15 06:59 PM

    Thanks for the kind response. I am still using the same lawyer as before when I was doing my H1B and OPT. In fact, I do have a proof at some point, they asked for my I-20s. But when they asked them, they said that they dont have it. I am so angry - I am not sure whether it is to the situation or to them. I will NOT recommend them to anybody.
    But it's kind of odd because I always have all my I-20s and other documentations in my emergency briefcase. While the other documentations are still there, only my I-20s (I have 4 or 5 of them) are all gone. So it is not simply I dropped them somewhere. It's gotta be I take them out for some reasons and perhaps never return them back to the briefcase. And to be frank, I feel that the attorney might have the original copy.

    Do you have any idea to provoke the attorney to look for the copies? I resent the email they sent me 2 years ago when they asked for my I-20s copies. And today the secretary still said that she does not have the copies. The attorney does not respond to me altogether.

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